Returning: House Husbands

House Husbands finally returns next month, settling into Monday nights from February 6 (Nine is yet to confirm the timeslot).

This series will see the arrival of new cast members Hugh Sheridan, Delta Goodrem, plus Nancye Hayes, Roy Billing and former Nowhere Boys star Rahart Adams.

Nine’s co-Heads of Drama, Jo Rooney and Andy Ryan, said: “We’re enormously proud of House Husbands reaching its fifth season. The new additions to the cast make a seamless transition and bring an extra dimension to the domestic entanglements at the heart of the action.”

Australia’s favourite dads and their loved ones return with more fun, friendships, fights and fabulously flawed families in the new season of House Husbands, premiering on Monday, February 6, on Nine.

The exceptional cast of characters navigating the craziness of modern life includes Hugh Sheridan (Nick), Delta Goodrem (Izzy), Gary Sweet (Lewis), Firass Dirani (Justin), Rhys Muldoon (Mark), Julia Morris (Gemma), Natalie Saleeba (Abi), Jane Allsop (Rachel), Louise Siversen (Miss Looby) and Denise Scott (Nurse Toni).

New faces in town include Nancye Hayes (Liz) and Roy Billing (Bernie) playing Mark’s overbearing parents, plus Rahart Adams (Rafiq) as Justin’s estranged younger brother with a troubled past.

In the premiere episode Lewis (Gary Sweet) is unimpressed with his neighbour Rachel’s (Jane Allsop) new younger beau and their alfresco lovemaking habits. He’s even less impressed to discover that this suitor, Nick (Hugh Sheridan), will be teaching music at Nepean South Primary School and hitting all the right notes with kids and parents alike. Lewis is certain that Nick is hiding something and he’s determined to expose it.

House Husbands is a Playmaker production for the Nine Network, with the support of Film Victoria.

Executive Producers are Andy Ryan and Jo Rooney from the Nine Network, with David Maher, David Taylor and Sue Seeary from Playmaker. The series is produced by Sue Seeary, with Jo Martino the script producer. The directors are Grant Brown, Ian Watson, Fiona Banks and Sian Davies.

Monday February 6 on Nine.


  1. I stopped watching a few seasons ago because the storylines were becoming focussed on political lines. Hugh Sheridan is a big drawcard, and I will be giving the show another chance because of him.

  2. They’ve done a pretty good job with “stunt casting” on this show. Rachel Griffiths and Lincoln Lewis in season 3, Justine Clarke and Darren McMullen in season 4 and now Hugh Sheridan and Delta Goodrem for season 5. Its drawn me in, when I may not have other wise watched. Although regular Julia Morris is also definately a drawcard.

    • Not all of those are stunt casting. Justine Clarke for instance? Perhaps Darren McMullen as he has been more host than actor. Stunt casting applies better to a rock star, sports star, network personality than working actors. But yes they have added extra names, good to see Rahart Adams.

      • I see stunt casting also as a popular or well known actor identified as a big part of another series. Justine being well known from Play School, Hugh Sheridan from Packed to the Rafters, Lincoln Younes was fresh of Home and Away at the time of his appearance. I’ve never seen Nowhere Boys, so not yet familiar with Rahart.

        • Nah, think you’re kinda cherry-picking their hits (and frankly Justine has many hits, as does Rachel Griffiths). They’ve all done other roles, even Lincoln Younes had done Tangle. Using your theory almost every casting is stunt casting, as most actors have a hit somewhere on their CV. Granted it is star casting.

          • Ok I’ll conceded. Just to correct myself Lincoln Younes was “star cast” for Love Child, fresh from H&A, it was Lincoln Lewis that was cast in House Husbands. Younes was more well known for his H&A role as one of the River Boys, than Tangle which being ion Foxtel at the time had less eyes.

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