Seven ramps up local content

Three new local shows in romance, reality and light entertainment, announced for 2017.

Seven has announced three new local shows, including two formats it has developed internally.

They are Back with the Ex, Instant Hotel and Behave Yourself!

Instant Hotel: Tapping into the world-wide trend of home-owners renting out their properties as holiday accommodation, this new competition series will see home owners vie for the title of best Instant Hotel. Personal taste, precious belongings and price point are all open for judgement as teams travel the country and stay in newly created ‘hotels.’ Guided by a yet to be announced host, homeowners will be judged by a hospitality and interiors expert.

Back with the Ex: Every one of us remembers the very first time we fell in love – the one special person we have never forgotten. Back with the Ex reunites singles with an ‘ex’ they’ve never been able to forget. They are then given the chance to find out if they were ‘the one’ after all. Then comes the ultimate decision: do they walk into the sunset together, or do they walk away forever?

Behave Yourself! Rounding out Seven’s new entertainment productions is Behave Yourself!, a comedy panel program featuring Australia’s best-loved comedians and celebrities competing in fun physical games that reveal the hilarious, shocking and fascinating facts behind why we do the things we do.

Behave Yourself! is hosted by Darren McMullen, based on Irrational Behaviour by Dan Ariely, whose simple experiments uncover universal truths about human irrationality. It has been co-developed by Seven and Eureka Productions.

The new shows follow Head of Programming Angus Ross confirming The X Factor would not return in 2017. Together with Dancing with the Stars out of view, Seven was ready to reveal new local programming.

“The quality of the work coming out of our development team is exceptional,” he said. “The three commissions we are announcing today include two original formats. Australian audiences love Australian-produced content, making this investment in local shows very straightforward.”

Seven is yet to confirm if The Big Music Quiz, also hosted by Darren McMullen, will return in 2017.

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  1. Wow, love the positivity. I actually think 7 are trying new things that needs to be acknowledged by blog readers. The Instant Hotel, seems like a new idea and while reuniting with an Ex, may not be everyone’s type of dating show (I am not into that genre) and then an Aussie spin with Comedians on an International format, shows new ideas, I always think wait and see….

  2. I won’t be watching any of these. When I came to this thread I was expecting some new local drama or something not this reality crap. This stuff will get viewers though and the reason 7 do it is because it’s cheaper to produce.

    Shows I will watch in 2017 on 7 are 800 words, wanted, and possibly the secret daughter (I haven’t caught up with season 1 yet so it depends on how I like it). Reality shows I will watch include border patrol, highway patrol, the force, and surveillance oz. I like the real-life observational reality, not this competition with bitchy drama fake stuff.

  3. So ch7 gets rid of a beautiful piece of Australian Drama with a Place to Call Home but they put these sorts of shows on. Seriously Back with the ex. Can’t people work that out themselves without having to resort to tv to play it out.

  4. David, you should run a TV tonight comp that gives all the comments on here a chance to pitch for a tv show idea, because clearly they all think they can do better than the 7/9/10 producers.

  5. Instant Hotel would work, if it was given some spit/polish (MKR treatment, two rounds of “instant hotels” (not having one huge round), then final six are given B&B’s to update), instead of trying to be the master of two genres, majoring in none.

    I reckon if “Instant Hotel” was given that spit/polish, I mentioned: it’d allow Seven to start MKR next year after the GC Comm Games, and have this format lead out of the tennis, not as a X-Factor replacement that will potentially get steamrolled.

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