Oops. Nope, The Bachelorette will not be bisexual this year.

Media confuses a casting notice and comes up with a doozy of a conclusion.

In one of the more bizarre media stories this year, media were getting a little over-excited by the prospect of this year’s Bachelorette being bisexual.

Say what?

Both the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail yesterday ran speculative articles that casting had changed big time, all based on an online casting notice.

A Star Now article, which was posted last year called for “Single women between the ages of 25-35. Single men between the ages of 22-35.”

That led News Corp to presume, “….Channel 10’s next season of The Bachelorette will shrug its shoulders of the controversy.

“In an application form for the reality love-search show, it appears the woman chosen to be this year’s Bachelorette is bisexual.”

Bzzzz. Sorry, that’s a whole other show.

TV Tonight understands the casting notice was merely an open call for the single Bachelorette and her male suitors. It was covering all bases, no more, no less…..

In any case it wouldn’t be especially groundbreaking.

In 2007 MTV screened A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila other shows including Playing It Straight and There’s Something About Miriam have teased identity and sexuality in reality dating shows.

News Corp has since deleted its article.

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  1. I think a Bisexual would be a first for a dating show. I wonder if it would just be a casting call similar to the one above, and the surprise for both men and women, was that they were vying for the affections of the same person. Even better how about a male and female, who were both bisexual and see what ensues with the singles…..

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