Last ever episode of Clarke and Dawe

Last night ABC aired the last ever episode of Clarke and Dawe, bringing to an end nearly 30 years of satirical sketches.

It was filmed on April 5, just days before Clarke’s untimely death and screened with permission by his family and Brian Dawe.

In this final episode, Clarke plays a National Broadband Network employee discussing neologisms.

According to ABC Clarke always wrote two completely different scripts for the program each week, and he and Dawe would film both.

Clarke would then decide which episode would go to air.

Sunday’s Logie Awards will include a tribute to Clarke, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2008.

You can watch the clip here.


    • I doubt it is hundreds. It possibly means they judged which would screen first. But I suspect there are others that have not aired due to a change in news / relevance. Will ask if I get a chance.

  1. I heard the producer of these segments being interviewed on ABC radio last week. He was talking about how they pretty much had to record recent episodes line by line due to the ongoing construction at the ABC studios in Southbank. They’d say a line, then there’d be a juckhammer, another line, sound of a table saw, line, nail gun, etc

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