Returning: Love Child

Love Child is returning for a fourth season on Tuesday May 2 on Nine.

This season kicks off in 1972 during a time of political and social upheaval.

Returning are Jessica Marais (Dr Joan Millar), Mandy McElhinney (Matron), Miranda Tapsell (Martha), Harriet Dyer (Patty), Sophie Hensser (Viv) and Andrew Ryan (Dr Simon Bowditch), joined by Ronan Keating (Dr Lawrence Faber), along with Dan Hamill (Dr Andrew Patterson), Danielle Catanzariti (Elena), Darcie Irwin-Simpson (Rita), Sophia Forrest (Debbie) and Matt Day (Father Ross).

It’s 1972 and eight months since we last saw Dr Joan Miller (Marais), who is now heavily pregnant and fighting for her right to continue her career after the birth of her child. But she encounters a major obstacle in the form of charismatic Dr Andrew Patterson (Hamill), a Vietnam veteran and her new boss at Kings Cross General Hospital.

Matron’s control of Stanton House is tested by three pregnant teens that play havoc with the rules: Debbie (Sophia Forrest), a hell-raiser from a privileged family; Elena (Danielle Catanzariti), an Italian migrant whose pregnancy threatens the safety of her relatives in Australia and Italy and Rita (Darcie Irwin-Simpson), a novice nun who has a mysterious “immaculate conception”, just what is the mother of this miracle child hiding?

Meanwhile, the older Stanton House girls embrace the opportunities and challenges of life in 1970s Kings Cross. Patty is brimming in the success of her crèche, Martha forges a career in the hospital while revelling in her new role as a doctor’s wife, and Viv is a respected nurse determined to buck the system.

This series will also see a shocking mistake and cover-up by Matron that threatens to destroy lives and careers. How long can she carry on with the burden of this secret?

Love Child is produced by Playmaker for the Nine Network, with executive producers Andy Ryan, Jo Rooney, David Maher, David Taylor and Sarah Smith and producer Sue Seeary, with the assistance of Screen NSW and Screen Australia.

9pm Tuesday May 2 on Nine.


  1. So true. I will tape it. But need to be aware that the EPG may not be accurate and have to add another hour to the recording!

    Also wondering why 9 have no consistency with what night of the week they air Aussie dramas! 7 are consistently Tue and 10 are Wed. House Husbands was Monday and Doctor Doctor was Wednesday last year. Their programming department has no idea about loyalty and that if you are consistent your audience has half a chance of knowing when dramas are on air.

  2. Tipping it will start closer to 9.15 due to The Voice being on beforehand. Even if LC does commence at 9, it is still too late for a drama on a school/work night. This show would be ideal for a 8pm start

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