The fight in Jill Singer

Former Today Tonight and 7:30 Report host has spoken to the Herald Sun about being told she has six to 12 months to live.

Singer discovered six weeks ago that she has a rare blood disorder called AL amyloidosis after doctors incorrectly told her she was suffering from depression.

“I was in so much pain I was actually sobbing and punching my stomach and of course I had no pain relief because I was told there was nothing wrong with me,” she said.

“Now there is a full year of damage. My heart’s fairly ­destroyed. There is very little cardiac function left.”

But Singer, 60, is fighting on.

She married lawyer ­Anthony Brand on Saturday in the garden of best friend Kate Durham and partner Julian Burnside’s Hawthorn house.

She will find out on Tuesday if her chemotherapy treatment is working to kill off the amyloids to give her some more precious time.

Best wishes for good news!


  1. Sad news indeed. Jill Singer has my deepest sympathy – I hope she proves the idiot doctors who failed to diagnose her illness as equally wrong in their prognosis. Keep fighting, Jill – I wish you well and hope you can keep a positive frame of mind, which is so important for recovery.

  2. daveinprogress

    That is terrible, tragic news, and yes best wishes for some better news and days ahead. I worked with Jill in the late 90’s and she is a sharply minded, elegant journalist and presenter.

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