Tip the Logies! 2017

It’s time once again to see if we can successfully predict the TV Week Logies Awards in the annual Tip the Logies! survey.

Last year readers correctly tipped 6 of 12 categories, including the Gold.

It’s important you choose who you would LIKE to see win, not who you THINK will win. There is no prize and no reader will be announced for guessing the most correct responses.

Survey closes 5pm AEST Friday April 21.

Voting requires a valid email.

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  1. David did you know this; The logies people have asked former Home and Away Star and former logie winner Chris Hemsworth “Thor” to present the Gold Logie, but they have a back up if Chris cant do it, Eric Bana (former Hulk) will present the gold logie if Chris cant do it and if they both cant do it- Dave Hughes who is starting the show will present the GoldLogie

  2. I personally don’t get the whole molly thing .. it was on tv two nights a whole year and then some months ago . It must say a lot about Australian television if he wins best actor n even a chance at Gold . Those poor people working their butts off all year . I’m sure I’ll cop a comment or two lol

  3. carolemorrissey

    I kept my list of who I voted for & some of them aren’t nominated, like Matt Nable & Hyde & Seek, so had to pick my next favourite. Some categories were hard to pick as I liked all the nominations.

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