20,000 applied for next Australian Survivor

20,000 applications were submitted for season two of Australian Survivor -5,000 more than the first season.

With filming currently underway in Samoa, TEN has confirmed 8 of the 24 contestants who hope to outwit, outlast and outplay.

They are: Aimee, 23, a plumber from Melbourne; Jarrad, 29, a photographer from Perth; Joan, 29, an escape room owner from Sydney; Locky, 27, an adventure guide from Perth; Mark H, 51, a lime farmer from Toowoomba; Mark W, 37, a former special operations commander from Perth; Peter, 22, a digital advertising producer from Sydney; and Sarah, 22, a model from Perth.

TEN Head of Entertainment and Factual Programming, Stephen Tate, said:  The 24 people we have selected are incredible and represent one of the best casts we have ever assembled for a reality series. This year they are more knowing and they are playing the game much harder.”

The gruelling reality series, again hosted by Jonathan LaPaglia, takes place over 55 days with another $500,000 prize up for grabs.

It will screen later this year.


  1. I’d prefer a much tighter version – the US one is much better edited, with almost no fat. The US episodes go so fast and people like me, who are used to the US version find the AUS version extremely bloated.. I understand channel 10 are trying to fill lots of air time, but each episode still needs to be compelling. They’ve got the look right, now get the format right.

  2. timmydownawell

    Sarah is a friend of (or at least known by) former Big Brother contestants Tully and Tahan, according to a post on Tully’s Instagram. It’s not what you know but who you know, eh? Yawn.

  3. I was quite disappointed with the casting on season one so even a marginally more diverse cast would be an improvement. Not just racial diversity (although there is that) but in age, background, etc. The US version does this much better and in my opinion it makes their show much more interesting. Sort of hard to tell from this trailer. I’ll set my expectations to low and hope for the best.

  4. This is such an expensive show that didn’t really deliver in the ratings. I like it, but it’d be hard for ten to financially justify bringing it back.

  5. Yay season 2!

    This season I hope to see more game players and strategic decision makers, rather than one cushy alliance of 8 people lasting until the end

    • wellinmyopinion

      I disagree. I am always left wanting more after the US season. I love the daily dose and length as it gives you more insight into the game play as opposed to just brushing over it in the US version. Yes, the US episodes are more jam packed but it appears a lot is left on the cutting room floor. I have to be honest though, I would be happy with 365 days of Survivor! Both Australian and US.

      • I loved the length as well! Usually I think reality shows drag out way too long but I was absolutely addicted to Survivor Australia, it was one of the few things I watched on FTA last year.

    • Agreed! Quality over quantity, definitely. Maybe if they had multiple episodes a week but kept them to 60 minutes each it would be an improvement. I feel like there was so much filler, re-hashing arguments we’d already seen a million times, people re-stating their opinion, and stuff that just didn’t need to be in the show (eg reading out letters from home in full). Especially as later in the season strategy was lacking so there wasn’t a complicated storyline that could fill the time. I understand that Ch10 felt like they had to justify the cost of the show by drawing it out but in my opinion the quality really suffered.

    • I thought it was fairly boring run of the mill series…up until the last episode.

      Last episode was one of the best Survivor episodes I had ever seen.

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