TV waiting for end of financial year

Think some of the TV we’ve been offered lately is a below standard?

You’re not wrong.

Networks are staring at the calendar with all eyes on tomorrow, July 1st. Then the only way is up with new shows on the horizon.

For some networks the airdate launch is directly tied to the funding of the show.

Where a title screens before June 30 it is ‘on the books’ as 2016-17 financial year. But where a show screens from July 1 it falls into 2017-18 financial year, even though it was produced some months earlier.

That leaves some programming treading water in the final weeks of the financial year and it’s why we have some cheap, filler shows.

From next week a wave of new shows begin including Ninja Warrior Australia, Common Sense, Yummy Mummies, Behave Yourself, while Little Big Shots, Hell’s Kitchen Australia, The Block, This Time Next Year, Doctor Doctor, The BachelorSurvivor Australia are on the way thereafter.

….of course nobody ever said cheap filler was confined only to June!


  1. melbourneamy

    How much longer are we going to see the previews for the new Shane Jacobsen show. It feels like the ads have been going for nearly 3 months, still no air date. If I see that ‘because it stinks’ kid on my screen again I will probably throw the remote at the screen.

    • This show will have to walk a very fine line. Precocious kids are generally repellent, so it will be interesting to see if Shane can make them worth watching.

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    Not only is cheap filler not confined to June, when you consider the mutli-channels, it actually makes up the majority of content.

  3. Not a big reality show person but do want to see Hell’s Kitchen as I just love the chaser guy, think he is lovely so will give that show a look at, also like the look of Little Big Shots, children are so natural, Behave yourself might be OK, but none of the other shows interest me.

    • Issa is the only reason I might be able to tolerate whole shows of Marco Pierre White. I will tune in to see if Issa is worth all the rest.

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