GoFundMe campaign for Rowena Wallace

Veteran actress and Gold Logie winner Rowena Wallace is hoping to reignite her career but is in need of funds to relocate from her rural home to being closer to a capital city.

In 2012 and 2013 she put Logies up for sale to help fund a move from Wonthaggi, Victoria, to Queensland.

A GoFundMe page has now been set up asking soapie fans to assist.

“Rowena’s life hasn’t been all glitz and glam. Like many, she’s done it tough and been very candid about it. Her financial issues exacerbated by devastating personal losses and health issues, and she has always been over-generous. Rowena has been forced to sell most of her 5 Logie awards. She’s been candid about scrabbling around to raise enough money to buy food for her adored dogs, Phoebe & Reubus. As a single woman her dogs are her life and she is always putting their needs above her own.

“As Rowena gets set to turn 70, she wants to give acting another shot and find a new lease on life. She needs to live closer to a major city, closer to the heart of the entertainment industry, and closer to her support network and loved ones but has no means to move from her rural Victorian home.”

You can donate here.


  1. Can anyone really say why she fell out of favour with the industry? Was she hard to work with, wanted more money than she was worth?
    She had a highly successful role in S&D and that was that, really.

    • Rowena Wallace has a long strong of credits, notably Sons & Daughters, Prisoner, Division 4 & Cop Shop. More recently Neighbours as well as stage roles. Sadly TV doesn’t offer a lot of roles for veteran females. This is a sad story in my view. Bette Davis once advertised for a job in Variety.

      • Not forgetting ‘You Can’t See ‘Round Corners’ when everyone went ballistic because Ken Shorter put his hand up her dress, a no-no on TV in the 1960s. That probably kick started the great career she had. You’re right David, a sad situation. Maybe retirement is the better option.

        • daveinprogress

          Could Rowena have been 18 or 19 when she made that 60’s show? I wonder if she is older than 69? Not that it matters; but i’ve always thought she was older than her claimed age. Her career is so long; is my point! It is sad what has happened to her. Perhaps an Australian benefactor like Mike Walsh or someone of his wealth to set up a home for poverty stricken actors; like the one Richard O’Sullivan: Brinsworth House

          • According to Wikipedia, Rowena Wallace was born 23 August 1947. So she turns 70 soon.
            ‘You Can’t See ‘Round Corners’ aired in 1967, so she was 20 at the time.
            She always maintained she didn’t know Ken Shorter was going to run his hand up her skirt, which was why her reaction was so authentic.

    • I think a lot of TV opportunities fell away after she mocked Home And Away in a media interview after she’d just signed on for a short term role. She got away with similar comments when she derided Cop Shop which she was in many years earlier but Seven weren’t impressed by her dissing Home And Away and they consequently re-cast the role to Debra Byrne.

  2. At the risk of sounding harsh I’d rather give my hard earned to a charity that acutally needs the funds rather than giving it to someone just so they can relocate to the city. At least she has a roof over her head.

  3. She has to be joking. This ‘Go-Fund-Me’ concept has gotten out of hand. Since when is it alright to ask other people to pay your way through life? Will never understand this.

    • I agree with the GoFundMe requests that are being set up now are ridiculous. It’s a great shame because it was for genuine causes when it started and now they are all buried by these sort of campaigns. I feel great empathy for Rowena Wallace but it’s a shame there’s not another way that she can fund a move.