Nine denies “word for word” theft implications by radio host

Brisbane radio host David ‘Luttsy’ Lutteral (pictured, right) has implied True Story with Hamish & Andy was his idea.

He claimed he told Andy Lee in 2014 about his concept Cracking Yarns which had begun filming with Channel Nine, but was not completed.

“I’ve read the press release blurb for (True Story and it) is word for word the concept that I told Andy in 2014 in December,” he told fellow NOVA presenters Ashley Bradnam and Kip Wightman.

“Ash, you were part of the pilot we did,” Luttsy said. “I’d half shot that pilot and then other things have taken over so I haven’t actually completed it.”

But a Nine spokesman has denied the claims, stating: “Radio Karate have confirmed that the format for the program True Story with Hamish & Andy was conceived, and was in development by Radio Karate, over a year before Andy and Luttsy met for a drink in New York.”

True Story with Hamish & Andy is created and produced by Tim Bartley, Hamish Blake, Andy Lee and Ryan Shelton.

Hamish Blake recently told TV Tonight the idea was developed after taking a break from Gap Year.

“Essentially it came back to ‘What do we love doing the most?’” he replied.

“We were challenging ourselves to think of the simplest answer to that question. For us it was hearing someone tell a funny, true story. That’s definitely something that sings to us.

“Even Gap Year in a way was meeting people who were making their own fun, but the realness of it was what we were hooked on.

“Is it 5 people just talking to us? But over time the idea began to metamorphasize with something that was a little bit scripted.”

Last night the show topped the ratings, but drew mixed reviews on social media.

Source: News Corp


  1. Sandra Crack

    I didn’t mind it , but it wasn’t perfect, however given its the first episode of a fresh format, it will take a while to find its feet.

    I think Hamish & Andy are aware of this as I believe they have only made half of the series so far and I dare say, when they get around to creating second half of episodes, they will gain from the experience they have learnt from themselves and the audiences reactions.

    It takes time for a show to find its feet and I hope H & A get the chance with this show

  2. The Other Adam

    Stolen or not, what a terrible show.
    The flow may of worked a lot better if they told the story first and then re-enacted the whole thing – rather than splitting between the 2.

  3. There’s a pattern forming here with this Andy Lee – he denied stealing the idea for the kids book he released last year ‘Do Not Open This Book’ from a Sesame Street book, “The Monster at the End of this Book” :/

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