Radio host apologises for implying True Story was stolen

"Wrongly accusing someone of stealing material is one of the most offensive things someone can do in our industry."

Brisbane radio host David ‘Luttsy’ Lutteral has apologised after implying True Story with Hamish and Andy had being stolen from a concept he claims he divulged to Andy Lee earlier.

“Some things were said on our breakfast radio program on Monday about Hamish and Andy that were pretty serious allegations about the concept of their program true story being stolen from me after a conversation between Andy and me in New York in December 2014,” he said today on radio.

“I fully accept now that that was not the case. I’ve now seen the concept document from 2013 developed by Hamish and Andy’s team for True Story. It is clear to me that they had conceived and documented the format for true story over a year before I met with Andy in New York.

“While I pitched a concept that had some similarities I accept that Hamish and Andy came up with their idea independently from mine. Wrongly accusing someone of stealing material is one of the most offensive things someone can do in our industry.

“I apologise to Hamish and Andy and their team for implying they took my idea.”

True Story with Hamish & Andy is created and produced by Tim Bartley, Hamish Blake, Andy Lee and Ryan Shelton.

Source: News Corp

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    1. Nah very different. Norton does no restaging of stories with actors. His segment is essentially ‘keep me entertained until I am bored.’ If your point is about hearing yarns on telly there are lots of shows that did that. Denton being a notable one.

  1. Did anything happen in regards to the copy cat / stealing claims that were made against Endemol Shine for taking other format elements for us on Married at First Sight?

  2. I’ glad this has been cleared up. I didn’t watch the show on Monday… we tape everything. And I had high hopes for it – but was expecting less form the show after the comments on this site on Tuesday. So perhaps with my lower expectations, I really found the show to be quite good, funny, different and will be looking forward to more! I’m glad 9 has tried this concept and hopefully stick with it!

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