Renewed: House Rules

Seven has renewed House Rules for a sixth season.

Evan Wilkes executive producer, said: “We’re so happy with how the audience has received this season of House Rules – it’s currently the number one show in the country. We’re excited to confirm that we’re coming back for a new season in 2018.

“It’s also great to see another Aussie made format, created here at Channel Seven, enjoying this success.”

House Rules was also commissioned for a German adaptation. The current season is leading the competitive reality battle with figures topping 1.2m viewers.

Casting is now open for the sixth season. Applications close 31 Aug 2017.


  1. This year’s series could have been a disaster, given the changes to the format that have been universally bagged (judging over two nights, bonus room etc). However, bringing in Lawrence has been a masterstroke, and combined with the car-crash tv of the two women from Victoria, the show has been saved.

    The producers cannot rest on the good ratings. They really need to address the failed format changes or next year’s series will be walking a tightrope.

  2. I have been watching this for so long now that I know it is quite contrived – contestants being asked to perform for the cameras – some important part lost – found just in time – and I’m sure, for every hour of footage there is only actually half hour of content as they repeat the same things over and over and over again! – But I am happy it is renewed and I will keep watching as I love the before and afters. Some of the make overs are truly amazing.

  3. When will Seven ever give up on these endless, boring reality cheap shows? I know hundreds of people that just don’t watch Seven or Nine for that very reason. Grow up 7 and present decent stuff. You ditched “A Place To Call Home” a really good Australian drama for this sort of crap. I will not watch commercial TV because of this minority rubbish for morons.

  4. I’m so happy they are happy that people have done nothing but complain about the bullies and nasties that were cast this year…lets all watch that again next year cause that’s what we want to encourage our children and grandchildren to emulate…..good grief do these people live in the real world ? Used to be a good show….such a pity.

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