Michael C. Hall to star in Safe

Michael C. Hall is set to return to television in new Netflix series Safe, an eight-part thriller written by Shameless‘ Danny Brocklehurst.

Hall will play a British pediatric surgeon raising two teenage daughters, Jenny and Carrie, alone after the death of his wife. They live in a seemingly safe and picturesque gated community, but all of that is thrown into disarray one night when Jenny sneaks out to a party. A murder and a disappearance follow, bringing buried secrets to the surface.

Since Dexter Hall has been voicing shows like Justice League and Star vs. the Forces of Evil and appeared in the 2014 crime drama Cold in July and last year’s Christine.

Hall and Brocklehurst will also executive produce alongside Nicola Shindler (Happy Valley), Richard Fee (The Five), and author-producer Harlan Coben.

Source: Screenrant


  1. An apt name for his new show considering that very word is how you would describe the ending of his last TV show…
    I still cry myself to sleep thinking about how it all ended there… ?

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