Returning: Midsomer Murders

Season 19 of Midsomer Murders returns to Sundays on ABC in August.

It picks up from Episode 5 “Death By Persuasion.”

This is yet to air in the UK.

Midsomer Murders is a successful British crime drama based upon the crime-novel series by author Caroline Graham which follows Detective Chief Inspector John Barnaby’s quest to solve crimes that occur in the wealthy, isolated English county of Midsomer.

Episode 5:
When a young girlslips away from a Jane Austen weekend dressed in period attire, and is found stabbed in the woods, DCI Barnaby and DS Winter need to look back in time to find the killer.

8:30pm Sunday August 20 on ABC.


  1. A descriptive pic David, two of the actors are wishing they were somewhere else.
    Midsomer, where a prosperous undertaking can be achieved in Undertaking by honouring an undertaking.

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