Returning: The Strain

The fourth and final season of US horror drama begins next week on FOX8.

The fourth and final season of US horror drama The Strain is a late addition to the FOX8 schedule, due to begin next week.

The good news is this one only premiered in the US this week.

A viral outbreak that has similarities to an ancient strain of vampirism begins to spread, Dr. Goodweather works with his team and a group of the city’s residents to wage a war that could hold humanity’s fate in its hand.

9.30pm Monday July 24 on FOX8.

6 Responses

  1. 80% of this show is quite interesting, especially the setrakian and master backstories
    The other 20%… poorly written, characters making irrational decisions and typical American schmaltz shoved in there, and don’t get me started on that kid, the most annoying character on TV
    That said, I’ll still watch the show, just think it could be much better without the appeasement to the network/focus group/typical American viewer

  2. At least we only had to wait 1 week this time – I have loved this show…
    Let’s not talk about The 100 – one of the best shows on TV if you ask me – and we didn’t get it till it was finished in the US..

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