Smoke, mirrors and Katy Perry -it’s just how TV is made.

Some press seem to be getting a little fraught over the ‘revelation’ that Katy Perry was not Live to air on either The Voice nor Sunrise.

Perry jetted out from Sydney last night after pre-recording her Voice appearance around 5:15pm at Moore Park.

But guests pre-recording their performances is nothing new on either The Voice nor X Factor (or frankly a whole raft of talent shows over the years).

When you have A list talent you let them do their stuff and release them rather than sit around backstage while judges fret over newcomers. It also allows for elaborate staging to be accommodated without time limitations.

Back in 2012 Justin Bieber was recorded 2 days before an Australia’s Got Talent final. I’ve sat in many productions where judges and hosts all have to be present for these kinds of segments, hours before going Live.

Sunrise similarly pre-recorded all of Perry’s co-hosting segments on Saturday when her itinerary meant she could not appear Live this morning. She appeared on-air from 7:25am today in segments with wildlife and cooking with Manu Fieldel (she didn’t indicate which was scarier).

Seven openly invited Perry fans to Martin Place on Saturday and dropped its “Live” bug on the watermark after 7:25am today. There was a little smoke and mirrors with Sam Armytage earlier indicating Perry was ‘sleeping in’ but producer Michael Pell also clarified her recording via social media.

The Voice may have shown less attention to detail in not adjusting its “Live” bug for its broadcast last night, but it’s hardly reason to accuse the network of being “busted” as some are suggesting.

It’s called Production.


  1. Obviously Sam is copping it on twitter because she is doing some defending. She said they promoted the fact it was happening on saturday so Im not sure why they went with the line this morning of we are letting her have a sleep in.

    I just presumed she would be live in studio today.

    So the team had to come in saturday to do the show and make sure they are wearing the same outfits today. That just sound all to tiring.

    It was a good get to have her on anyway.

  2. Lie, Sunrise was not co-hosted by @KatyPerry on Monday, it was pre recorded on Saturday.They tried to hide it by wearing the same clothes. Just because there were some social media posts last week does not make it not a lie. What else do they lie to viewers about. Also great for the credibility of the presenters.
    Sam A posted “Finally, some sensible (non-hysterical!?) reporting” re this article. From some one who is screaming and yelling at nothing. Just watch her.
    Ever since Jason Morrison(sacked from 2GB) took over as News Dir Syd, the show has gone really right wing. Last week we had, Alan Jones,Rita Panahi in the same segment, No balance there. Jeff Kennett and Mark Latham. Latham may be a former Labor leader, but now aligns with PHON .Prue MacSween once again aligns with PHON views. Pauline also pops up regularly.Chris Smith 2GB, who supported the Julia is a witch campaign…

  3. Have no issue with The Voice not being “Live”, like David said the main artists are very rarely live. I went couple of years ago and Kylie performed her song before the show and then went and got changed then the show started live.

    Sunrise is a different story! Deceptive… even if it was all over social media. The hosts even wore the same clothes.

  4. So after finding out Reality is not “Real”, you now tell me Live isn’t “Live” anymore. Where will it stop, David, where will it stop.

  5. Sneaky, yes.

    Most wouldn’t even know (unless you follow social media or news reports)!

    At least Seven removed the “Live” when Katy returned to Sunrise.

    Nine are serial offenders with so many things (exaggerated/massive watermarks, programs always running well overtime & Live when it’s not)

  6. A little sneaky sure, but really does it matter all that much? If you wanted to see her sing or co-host Sunrise, you saw it. Live or pre-recorded, she was on TV. Not worth the outrage frankly.

  7. jezza the first original one

    So she wasn’t ‘co-hosting’ Sunrise on Monday as all the promos would have you believe. Instead she helped present a few pre recorded segments. At least Ed Sheeran seemed live. Utter deceptive bs from sunrise…

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