1.67m makes Little Big Shots an instant hit

Ratings: New entertainment show manages to beat a Block reveal by a hefty margin.

Seven has hit a bull’s eye with Little Big Shots, pulling a whopping 1.67m viewers in its debut outing.

The show was highest in Melbourne at 466,000 viewers, just ahead of Sydney on 458,000. Nine’s Block was no competition at 1.18m viewers with TEN’s Australian Survivor left in their wake on 607,000 (from 7:30pm).

Seven’s win is sweeter given it has had a string of disappointments recently with nothing that could topple Nine’s renovation show. It is another win for family entertainment shows, reiterated by the roaring success of Ninja Warrior -but The Block still led in demos, meaning LBS has skewed best with older viewers.

Seven also succeeded with Sunday Night ahead of 60 Minutes, although they were only head to head for 30 minutes.

TEN’s Project outing was modest at 327,000 / 285,000 in what amounted to another disappointing Sunday.

Seven network stormed the night with a 35% share ahead of Nine’s 29.4%, ABC’s 15.9%, TEN’s 13.2% and SBS 6.6%.

Little Big Shots was #1 with 1.67m for Seven followed by Seven News (1.41m), Sunday Night (966,000) and Diana: A Love Affair (620,000). Robbie Coltrane’s Critical Evidence drew 228,000.

The Block (1.18m) led for Nine followed by Nine News (1.16m), 60 Minutes (755,000) and Murder Calls (355,000).

ABC News (715,000), Midsomer Murders (634,000) and Grand Designs NZ (516,000) comprised ABC’s night. Force of Nature with Brian Cox drew 212,000.

Australian Survivor (607,000) was best for TEN then The Sunday Project (327,000 / 285,000), TEN Eyewitness News (252,000), Family Feud (229,000) and NCIS: New Orleans (209,000).

On SBS it was Diana and the Paparazzi (207,000), Royals Who Rescued the Monarchy (174,000) and SBS World News (144,000).

7TWO’s Border Security topped multichannels with 198,000 viewers.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 27 August 2017

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  1. Wow.

    Huge ratings, didn’t expect that last night.

    Family/feel-good shows doing great business this year.

    I watched it, started off not fantastic but rrally enjoyed most of the episode (particularly the rubix cube boy, pool table boy and Alexa).

  2. LBS looked very heavily edited – I lasted 10 mins and the wife is now watching the PVR of the show.
    Keith Smith and Art Linkletter appear to have stumbled on something – 55 years ago…

  3. Incredibly surprised by the Little Big Shots numbers. The inundation of advertising for the show had been so extreme that not only did it put me off the concept but made me despise it at a level sufficient to seek to avoid any showing of the program.
    I accept this was not the case for others though and it perhaps shows that saturation advertising not only works but should be increased – depressing for viewers like me but probably a successful approach to take. It works for the likes of My Kitchen Rules as well.

  4. we shall see if these numbers are the same throughout the show. but not a bad start for the show.
    Is it only on Sundays.
    The Project on sundays would be good if they had somebody else besides Pete (dont find him funny)

  5. Surprised at the ratings success of LBS – wouldn’t have thought that precocious,over-rehearsed children in staged situations would be a particularly big drawcard.
    Not my cup of tea but Shane is a highly likeable, entertaining host.[

  6. Baffled by the figures for LBS, i had no interest in watching and thought I was reading the figures wrong when I saw what it did – credit to 7 though.

    I also am not sure why 10 couldn’t make YTT fly back in 2012…. maybe having a “younger” host for everything isn’t the answer.

  7. I thought The Project was just going to be the ‘normal one’ on for an extra day, but the whole show felt very different… and very odd.
    They said something about being in Sydney instead of Melbourne, so is it a whole lot of different people doing it?
    I normally don’t mind The Project, but last night was horrible… crappy jokes and stupid segments… and lots of ads.
    Social media seemed to reflect this response from lots of people too, so it wasn’t just me.

  8. I watched it and thought the young shearer at the start was great. But then they had the kids from foreign versions of the show and I switched it off. One kid they could have chased up was young Dash who was featured on Today and Sunrise a few years ago who works out with weights and does gymnastics including the muscle up. Nevertheless if they can keep the blend of local kids and foreign kids in the right balance the ratings might hold up.

  9. The little shearer (shown in the picture) was pure gold, and it was genius to put him up first as his segment was one of the best seen on any show this year. We only saw the next two kids before switching to Survivor, and they were not as entertaining, so switching was not difficult. But I will remember the little shearer for a long time.

  10. Not my cup of tea – talented little characters but too many cringe worthy moments when the banter was so obviously staged, you could see the child looking for approval that they had said their line correctly.

  11. Glad family entertainment is doing well. But the over-saturation of adverts for nearly 6 months, meant I felt like I had already seen the entire season of LBS. It may have resulted in a ratings bonanza, but no doubt could have been higher with less bombardment of ad-nauseum advertising!

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