Airdate: Get Krack!n

The Katering Show‘s Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney are back with their new ABC show, unravelling morning lifestyle TV, Get Krack!n.

The 8 part series is also set to screen in the US through comedy SVOD, Seeso.

Each ‘morning’ the Kates will shuffle through a roster of unsafe demonstrations, surly guests, underprepared experts and the over-lit decomposition of the duo’s already rocky relationship. McLennan and McCartney will leave no cultural touchstone unturned, even though they are in no capacity qualified to speak on them, or on anything for that matter.

As always, neither of the women has any sense of on-camera technique; while McCartney’s Daria-esque enthusiasm is a total mis-match to the bright and breezy format, McLennan’s hosting is imbued with a fetid air of desperation. The show should be McCartney and McLennan’s big break, but like any televisual format that the Kates put their rough, manly hands to, things on Get Krack!n will go downhill fast.

Wednesday 30 August at 9:30pm on ABC.


  1. Love these girls – didn’t “get” them at first but they quickly grew on me. They are definitely an acquired taste though.
    The new morning telly show scenario is sure to open a Pandora’s Box of awkwardness and embarrassing gaffes.

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    I don’t know how long they can keep this joke going but I did mostly enjoy The Katering Show. Switching the format to Morning TV will no doubt bring a little freshness to the idea and should provide plenty of material to take the p!ss out of, in addition to their characters.

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