Airdate: The Edge of the Bush

Anne Edmonds new comedy The Edge of the Bush will air on ABC in September.

Originally commissioned for iview, these are 12 minute episodes in which she plays multiple characters.

Get Krack!n (in which she also features in Ep 2.) will move back to 9:05pm from Sept 13.

What happened on The Edge of the Bush? Something so powerful it will bring the Watts family calisthenics dynasty to its knees.

Providing all the drama and mystery of a binge-watch series combined with multiple characters played by one comedian, Anne Edmonds plays four members of the family who are estranged from each other and who don’t meet face to face until the climactic final episode: Over five, twelve-minute episodes, the series traces each character’s journey towards reuniting with the rest of the family, gradually revealing the mystery of what happened in their childhood to drive them to such dysfunction.

Ep 1:
Rebecca’s viral audition sends Craig into a spin. Simon meets reluctant new client John, & Dusty heads out for a day of busking. Karen’s not sure if she’s up to the Calisthenics Masters. A face from the past shocks everyone.

9:35pm Wednesday September 13 on ABC.

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