Renewed: True Story with Hamish & Andy

No surprises here, Nine has renewed True Story with Hamish & Andy for a second season.

The show continues with its second block of episodes tonight.

Radio Karate has been inundated with potential new story ideas.

“It is certainly a lot easier now (that the first five episodes have screened) for people to understand what the show is about,” Blake told News Corp.

“After the first episode we got flooded with travel stories and after episode three a lot of people told us about medical mishaps. These stories can come from every walk of life. We want to go to the next level of kookier stories next season.”

But production will be some time off with filming not due until early 2018.

“We’ve got a long way to go. We’ll lock down the stories and then shoot the interview part and then we spend a few months writing it.”

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