Survivor US: Heroes, Healers & Hustlers cast revealed

CBS has revealed the cast for the upcoming season of Survivor (US) “Heroes, Healers and Hustlers.”

This will be the third consecutive season filmed in Fiji. The 18 cast members are divided into three tribes.

The series is due in the US on September 27 but 9GO! is yet to reveal its plans.

Heroes (Levu tribe: blue): includes an NFL player, lifeguard, former Marine, financial analyst, firefighter and former Olympic swimmer.

Jeff Probst said, “When I think of them as a group, they’re all very accomplished. I could see a lot of ego coming into play. All of them have been successful at something. Sometimes, that’s hard, when you have that many leaders in a group. Everybody thinks they’re right. I’m impressed with all of them, individually. Ironically, I would say the Heroes tribe may have the toughest time gelling.”

Healers (Soko tribe: yellow) include a wilderness therapy guide, a physical therapist, a nurse practitioner, a probation officer, a urologist and a social worker.

“We thought how fun would it be to have a group of people who, their whole lives, have received gratitude, but they receive it because they literally put other people first,” says Probst. “They’re going to dedicate their lives to helping you heal a wound. A physical wound, an emotional wound. That’s a very special type of person, and not one who at first glance you would think would want to play a devilish game likeĀ Survivor, where you have to injure people emotionally sometimes and deceive them while looking them in their face and saying, ‘I love you! Trust me!’ While your alliance partner is sharpening the blade.”

Hustlers (Yawa tribe: red) includes a celebrity assistant, a surf instructor, a fisherman, a small business owner, a bellhop, and a diversity advocate.

“None of these jobs are glamorous,” Probst says, “but all of them require one thing: you have to get it done. Nobody else is going to carry that guy’s bags. Nobody else is going to start the company. Nobody else is going to catch the fish. If you’re looking to be the boss, you’re in the wrong profession. You have to hustle. I admire that. I grew up in Kansas. That’s what I was raised with. Farmers who hustled every day to get it done.”

You can read more at Hollywood Reporter.


      • Although it will be interesting to see what happens as contracts for airing shows are renewed or renegotiated. I think CBS would look at the revenue they can bring in from a show compared to what they get selling the rights for a show before making any decision on moving shows from one network to their own.

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