7plus launches in November

HD, original commissions, pre-broadcast episodes, offline mode -7plus steps up.

7plus launches next month with new features that will offer viewers and advertisers more than Plus7.

To be 100% owned by Seven (as opposed to the Yahoo7! venture Plus7), it will encompass Live and on demand, extended content library from international studios, original commissions and features that allow “binge-stacking” (offline mode) of favourite programmes.

It will also be available in HD and offer select pre-broadcast episodes for subscribers.

2017 online hit Yummy Mummies, has been recommissioned as a 7Plus exclusive.

Kurt Burnette, Seven’s Chief Revenue Officer, said: “7plus will take Seven to a new level of content, innovation and engagement. Over the coming months, consumers and advertisers will see Seven dramatically expand the delivery of Australia’s favourite content in new and exciting ways. Addressable TV at scale is a game changer which will deliver marked improvements in targeting and ROI. We’re delighted to be the first Australian network to make it available at scale on all our brands.

“We create and own a huge library of premium, brand-safe content made for Australia and the world with Home and Away, My Kitchen Rules, House Rules and an enormous back catalogue of some of Australia’s most loved and iconic programming all discoverable on 7plus. We are also building our content offering beyond Seven with new content and exclusive 7plus commissions never seen before on Australian television.

“This amazing content will be joined by key major domestic event franchises, including the Melbourne Cup, the Rugby League World Cup in Australia, the Australian Open tennis, the Winter Olympic Games and the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

“These huge audience aggregators across Seven and 7Live will underpin 7plus in an unprecedented delivery of live sport on broadcast, live streamed and on demand. Available to all Australians for free.”

Clive Dickens, Seven’s Chief Digital Officer, said: “We’re very excited to introduce this new, world class OTT service to Australian consumers and advertisers, offering all you love from the Seven Network, plus so much more. More than live. More than catch-up. More effective for our partners. “Consumer behaviour is evolving rapidly and the growth of connected devices demands we take a fresh approach to matching great content to the right device and the right audience, creating a myriad of new opportunities for brands to connect through video in ways like never before.”

Tim Worner, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Seven West Media, said: “7plus is a cornerstone of our strategy, leveraging our content creation, our marketing strengths and our partnerships to deliver content to our audiences on their terms. Taking our content beyond broadcast television has moved to a new level with the streaming of our market-leading video content live or on demand, on any device.”

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  1. Great to see Seven hear what viewers are wanting and coming to the table, leading the way in the FTA industry. Meanwhile over at Ten they haven’t updated their Android app since December and are the only network (including public broadcasters) not to offer Chromecast compatibility. If the sale with CBS goes thru (like the majority of us hope it does), their tech department are going to have a lot of catching up to do.

  2. Not happy about the treatment Yummy Mummies has received. Online only, good way to treat the many millions of loyal viewers this show has. How disrespectful can one be? This should be aired nightly at 7pm, so much better than H&A

    1. 207,000 viewers for the last episode is “many millions of loyal viewers”?

      “How disrespectful can one be?”

      Let’s see… “fabricated, contrived, vapid, vacuous, pointless tripe”, “garish, stupid, poorly executed, and dutifully offensive”, “one of the most poorly made television series to emerge in Australian television in a very long time”. And let’s not forget “58 minutes of your life you will never get back. 90 minutes if you include ads … I struggled to find any redeeming qualities in this … pointless, grotesque diversion … half a star for the thankless crew who at least framed the scenes so that we can see what a travesty it is”.

      1. It’s actually pretty funny and would fit easily onto a bravo / channel E type Australian Version channel . Too aimed at American reality lovers , Australia just isn’t cool enough to adapt ???

  3. Any improvement would be appreciated. Nine started theirs late in the game and it has heaps more content. Ten is great, up their with ABC and SBS. How hard is it to just put all content up online for 7/14 days minus a couple of things for licensing reasons?

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