New-look 7plus is online

New digital platform has Live & on demand TV and more control of assets for the network.

Seven has quietly launched its new-look 7plus, which replaces the almost identically-named, Plus7.

Plus7 was a joint venture between Yahoo7 and Seven, but the network goes it alone with the new online platform.

Seven has touted 7plus will encompass Live and on demand, extended content library from international studios, original commissions and features that allow “binge-stacking” (offline) of favourite programmes.

It will also be available in HD and offer select pre-broadcast episodes for subscribers. Chromecast and Airplay are due to be added “shortly.”

2017 online hit Yummy Mummies, has been recommissioned as a 7Plus exclusive.

Plus7 will close on December 12 on iOS, Android, web, Apple TV and Freeview Plus and March 31 on Telstra TV, Fetch, Samsung, Sony, PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox One and T-Box.

Meanwhile Seven has also launched e-commerce platform 7travel.


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  1. 7plus’s design looks much superior to its previous Plus7 incarnation, but please channel Seven (and Network Ten if you’re reading this) could you kindly Chromecast-enable your catchup sites as ABC, SBS and Nine have done. I use these three sites all of the time because they can be conveniently Chromecast, but not those of Seven or Ten. Like many viewers I do not have Apple TV.

  2. I tried to watch the good doctor on sevens digital platform seven plus never again I was bombarded with adds more adds than Ion their tV channel .i will never bother with this service way too many adds .i reckon more than on their main channel .

  3. I noticed that 7plus has The Good Doctor from the 1st episode.

    Does anybody think I should binge watch it?
    I have a complaint that the main actor Freddie Highmore (Shaun) is not actually autistic in any way. Seems like an insult to autistic people that they employed a non autistic person (not even low level Aspergers) to play an autistic role.

    P.S. A weird request for me to 7plus is to have the original Deal Or No Deal episodes on 7plus at some point (the 2003 $2,000,000 ones)

  4. Great decisions for Channel 7 to have shows like Aussie Barbeque Heroes, The Big Adventure, Bringing Sexy Back, Brynne, Formal Wars and Restaurant Revolution on 7plus (Yummy Mummies is not there yet)

    P.S. Yes I am being sarcastic. No one will watch the 7 mentioned shows.

  5. Is it the final product or are they still loading content?

    There’s no Chicago Fire on the new platform or the Christmas movies they’ve put on their recently. There seems to be quite a bit of missing content.

    At least you don’t require a log in to use. They do need to do better with the ads. The other day I sat through the same 30 second ad 4 times in a row on plus 7 with a couple of 15 second ads prior which is too much.

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