Andrew O’Keefe quits Weekend Sunrise

AO'K decides 12 years of early weekends is job done, but sticks with The Chase.

Andrew O’Keefe is leaving Weekend Sunrise after 12 years but staying with Seven for The Chase and exploring other projects with the Network.

The move comes at a time when David Koch is also scaling back his commitments from 5 to 4 days, but sticking with weekday Sunrise into 2018. Seven is yet to making further host announcements.

“The ideal job is doing work you love with people you love,” Andrew O’Keefe said.

“And for 12 years it’s been my great pleasure to work on one of the most lively and thoughtful shows on commercial television with some of the warmest, funniest, most committed people I know. Weekend Sunrise has truly been a family, though without the inheritance squabbles or TV-remote blame. Mon, Simon, Sally and the whole team behind the camera are beautiful friends.

“But as much as I love my WS family to bits, I think it’s time to give the weekends back to my real family. There are many overdue camping trips and too many unseen soccer matches to catch up on. So, to all the beautiful people with whom it’s been my profound pleasure to work, and to all the viewers who’ve been our friends for so long, thank you and adios. See you at the much more civilized hour of 5pm.”

Sunrise Executive Producer, Michael Pell, said: “Andrew O’Keefe is Weekend Sunrise’s longest-serving host. Over more than a decade, Australians have woken up to his irreverent style. He’s made us laugh and he’s made us think. I thank Andrew for his enormous contribution and wish him well as he reclaims his own weekends. Andrew will always be a member of the Sunrise Family.

Seven’s Network Director of News and Public Affairs, Craig McPherson, added: “Andrew has been instrumental in Weekend Sunrise’s dominance over many years. Few bring as much passion and energy to a presenting role. I wish him every success in his future endeavours.”

A replacement co-host will be announced in coming weeks.

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  1. Goodbye AOK. Always liked your style on WS over the years, sad to see you go, but a long and terrific run and all good things must come to an end. You can relax a little and spend time with your fam, whilst focussing on The Chase. You had your detractors, but I wasn’t one of them. Your chemistry was also solid with Lisa, Sam and Monique.

  2. Here’s my hot tip. Basil Zempilas will host Sunrise 3 mornings a week. I’ll go further. Since this would require Baz to leave 7s AFL commentary team he’ll be replaced by James Brayshaw as an AFL caller. (JB is apparently in negotiations with 7).

    1. God I hope this is true. Because this way I won’t ever see Basil as I don’t watch morning TV. Meaning he will be out of my sight… no more ruining AFL matches with his over zealous (or is that over-Zempilas) commentary… and I will have JB back on TV too! Win win!

    2. I think you maybe right. Basil has gone on holidays for 2 weeks and I presume they’ll make some big announcement after that. Her hosting the Hopman Cup.

      He may very well do Weekend Sunrise and keep his Saturday night footy.

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