Mad About You revival?

Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt tipped to return if their hit sitcom is reborn.

The latest US show to be exploring a revival is sitcom Mad About You.

Hollywood Reporter suggests Sony Pictures Television Studios are eyeing a potential revival with both Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt.

The series originally ran for seven seasons garnering multiple Emmy nominations (and wins for Hunt), a Golden Globe and a Peabody Award.

A new version would be set in the present day and follow Paul and Jamie with their 17-year-old daughter, Mabel in college.

No deals are in place and a network is not currently attached.

The Will and Grace revival has been a hit with returns, reboots and sequels of late including Roseanne, Full House, Star Trek, Dynasty and MacGyver

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  1. IMO one of the biggest problems with this would be that Paul Reiser no longer looks like Paul Reiser. I don’t mean he’s just aged, he was unrecognisable to me in Stranger Things.

  2. I wasn’t a real fan of this when it aired even though it was raved about, but I can see how this revival could actually work, especially if they get the casting spot on with Mabel….

  3. Seems like a monumentally stupid idea considering that it has never been repeated (that I know of) since it ended, and doesn’t seem to have had the staying power of other 90s sitcoms such as Seinfeld, Friends etc. I don’t think the complete series has even seen the light of day on DVD.

  4. I agree with Stevie G (below), the show worked well in it’s original run, but not in re-runs. I find it’s no longer funny, and even as background noise it’s annoying. Many of the supporting cast, e.g. Paul and Jamie’s parents, sister and cousin are just so irritating.

  5. It’s an odd choice considering Mad About You, doesn’t seem to do that well in re-runs compared to other 90s shows. I used to watch the show back when it was on, but when I sampled re-runs I found them annoying.

  6. If they do it, I hope it corrects the ending of the show where they were split up as to watch a show where two divorced couples have things to do with their daughter could be painful. Especially if the Mad About You in the title means they are both mad about their daughter Mable, just the arguments of Paul and Jamie at the end of the series became a little too much to watch.

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