Returning: Westside / The Brokenwood Mysteries

As summer begins two NZ dramas are back on GEM.

New Zealand drama Westside, the prequel to Outrageous Fortune, returns to GEM tonight.

This is the third season which aired in July in NZ.

Rita and Ted return from their holiday to a rude surprise and Wolf gone. Rita distracts herself by waging war on the new neighbours, And Ted is dealt a blow he probably saw coming.

Next week NZ detective series The Brokenwood Mysteries is also back with its 4th season, which returned there last month.

Kristin, Breen, Gina and Mike are witness to a fatal skydiving accident, and they know the victim. As the investigation unfolds an unsettling truth is revealed; the parachute was never going to open as the cords were severed.

Nine will pocket local drama points for screening both shows, under an Aus-NZ trade agreement.

Westside 10:30pm Friday Dec 1 on GEM
The Brokenwood Mysteries 8:30pm Friday December 8 on GEM

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  1. So the quietly, quiescent, quaint but quirky residents of Brokenwood will have to quit their quaffing quorum, quell their queasiness, quash their quarrels and quicken their quadriceps for another quota of quite quizzical questions on the quest to solve quintessentially exquisite crimes of passion and greed. Can’t wait.

  2. Oh its already that time of the year again. Commercial networks filling up their yearly local drama quota by bringing in a bunch of cheap Kiwi shows that hardly anyone watches because it costs too much to produce more decent Australian drama which has been lacking quality this year.

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