Axed: Chance

US drama Chance, currently screening on SBS with Hugh Laurie, has been axed by Hulu.

The psychological drama based on Kem Nunn’s novel of the same name features Laurie as a forensic neuropsychiatrist who gets too caught up in a patient’s life, while dealing with demons of his own.

Deadline suggests the show “did not break out and became a victim of Peak TV, getting somewhat lost in the sea of originals on TV.”

However the show saw two seasons produced, meaning SBS can still screen further episodes in Australia.

S1 E8 airs tonight on SBS.

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  1. So far. there’s a lot of similarity of this series to the early 90s Richard Gere film ‘Final Analysis’ with some of the family dynamic of ‘Bosch’ added-it’s well acted but somewhat predictable (for this sort of thing)-rather surprised to see it was intended as an on going series given the many problems of the central character.

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