Returning: The Bridge

Scandi-noir drama returns for its fourth and final season next week on SBS.

Scandi-noir drama The Bridge returns for its fourth and final season next week on SBS.

This debuted in Europe in January.

Saga Norén is imprisoned in a women’s prison in Ystad under the conviction that she killed her mother. Henrik tries to visit her as often as he can, but with her incarceration, the crime- solving friendship is put to the test.

However, the gruesome crimes haven’t stopped, and Henrik is back on the field with his confidante Jonas Mandrup. Meanwhile, Henrik is still searching for his missing children.

Season Four, Episode One:
A woman is found brutally murdered on Pepparholm Island at the base of the bridge. Henrik seeks out an imprisoned Saga, and he wants her to help him with the new case, but Saga points to the fact that she isn’t a police officer anymore and can’t help him.

Thursday, 1 March at 10.25pm on SBS.

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    1. The Bridge is subtitled and 10.25pm is early for subtitled content on SBS these days. Knightfall they bought from the History Channel and since its in English and will appeal to younger viewers, they are hoping to make a profit off it and it gets priority at 9:30pm.

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