TEN denies Studio 10 tension

TEN dismisses speculation about a rumoured rift between Ita Buttrose & Denise Drysdale as media being "deliberately mischievous.”

The first day back on air together for Studio 10‘s Ita Buttrose and Denise Drysdale has prompted some to ask  whether a backstage feud is brewing.

TEN has dismissed an article today by News Corp (the same media happily embedded in the South African jungle) as being “deliberately mischievous.”

Today Ita was seated beside Natarsha Belling, but previously had sat beside Drysdale -both usually “job-share” the role on alternate days.

The article quotes unnamed sources that a rift exists, referencing dressing rooms, panel placement and the great “brussel sprout” incident of late last year.

A Network TEN spokesperson told News Corp, “Ita and Denise are consummate professionals and these unsubstantiated allegations are offensive.

“Ita and Denise have the highest respect for one another and thoroughly enjoy working as part of the Studio 10 family together. To suggest otherwise is nonsense and deliberately mischievous.”

Both happily attended last year’s Upfronts as part of the Studio 10 family, although that’s no guarantee of anything in showbiz.

Last year TEN also denied tension around producer Rob McKnight, saying his absence was due to the flu, before he was later sacked and attributing that leave to stress and being “close to a breakdown.”

Such is the backstage fascination in morning TV –Today and Sunrise are subjected to rumours all the time.

A bigger question should be directed towards the show’s ratings which are down across the first 5 weeks of the year, compared to 2017 and 2016.

Official ratings begin next week, so any supposed subtext and ratings pressure may make this one to watch.

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  1. Originally Denise was supposed to do 3 days a week. Now she’s only there 1 week a month. When did that change? As far their dressing rooms go, why can’t they appear on the show on different days, then they won’t have to see each other. If they’d have done that, nobody would have been any the wiser. This ‘feud has ruined the ambience of the show. As much as I love it, I’m very disappointed in them.

  2. If media are reporting on ‘rumoured tension between presenters’, it must mean that Studio 10 has finally made the big league and is now on equal footing with Sunrise and Today! If I were TEN, I’d be thrilled!

  3. I have two suggestions why ratings may be down. Though Ita and Denise were initially meant to job share, it seems Drysdale is appearing only once every two or so weeks now and often with Ita when she does leaving lots of gaps in the roster that have to be filled by an assortment of presenters who may not have as much appeal or familiarity with audiences. Also since the show extended, I think it has deteriorated a little in quality as segments often appear stretched out and hosts look like they are trying to fill in time.

    1. Agree with the poster above – plus for the whole two years Denise has been there Ita has always sat next to her when they’ve both been on the same day – she has never ever sat in a different seat (except for when the showfirst started and Sarah/Tarsh and Ita were on opposite ends than they are now) – odd.

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