V to have sci-fi feature

Studios originally established by Lucille Ball is behind a new version of 1980s sci-fi.

1983 miniseries V is getting a feature film version.

To be written and directed by Kenneth Johnson, creator of the original show, it is being produced by Desilu Studios (originally founded by Lucille Ball & husband Desi Arnaz).

The original series chronicled an invasion of Earth by vicious reptilian aliens who disguised themselves as friendly humanoids. But they secretly digested hamsters and live animals for food, while humans plotted against them. Star Jane Badler later relocated to Australia.

In 2009 a reboot of the series lasted for two seasons.

Kenneth Johnson said, “We are delighted to team up with Desilu to bring the timeless — and timely — story of resistance against tyranny into the 21st Century. V will be the first of a cinematic trilogy which will tell the full epic tale in the manner I always envisioned.”

Desilu, which not only produced I Love Lucy but Star Trek and The Untouchables, was last purchased by CBS.


Source: syfy.com

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  1. ‘V’ is very 80’s SciFi that borrowed from Star Trek and Space 1999 with a touch of Star Wars thrown in, it didn’t quite work in it’s 2009 revamp, as the story eventually became formulaic B Grade American SciFi recycled from numerous other shows, stories that are still being seen in recent releases like ‘Colony’ with Josh Holloway, which is really a re-imagining of ‘V’ that has wisely kept some alien mystery for future episodes..

  2. Watched it in the 80s and lost interest, same in 2009-they’ve had their shot at it and failed-would nominate ‘Stargate Universe’ as a series that needs some sort of decent continuation/conclusion.

    1. Wouldn’t be surprised if a full length Stargate series is next, as Stargate Origins has started in the US, basically it is set back in World War 2 times at the very beginning and it’s 10 episodes in 10 minute episodes (3 have been released). The bigger thing is that MGM have started a streaming service called Stargate Command which is MGM’s home for the Stargate franchise (and new web series). From what I can tell it is a worldwide site as well, haven’t signed on but have found that it is a one-time payment of $20 which gets you every Stargate movie and TV series.

      So yeah I think MGM will do more Stargate now it has it’s own streaming service.

  3. Really wish they’d do another version of Alien Nation, which was first a 1988 film, then a 1989 TV series and 5 TV Movies (1994 – 1997), time is ripe for this as well.

    Synopsis: After a flying saucer crashes in the Mohave Desert, Earth makes first contact with an alien civilisation. In 1991, these aliens, known as Newcomers, slowly begin to be integrated into human society after three years of quarantine. The storylines generally revolved around morality plays on the evils of racism and bigotry using Newcomers as the discriminated minority.

    Be a perfect vehicle for today’s world of a vastly shifting population.

  4. I loved V back in the 80s, although I don’t know if I watched as a nine year old when it first came out, or if it was repeated.

    Unfortunately the reboot with the wonderful Elizabeth Mitchell and the achingly beautiful Morena Baccarin couldn’t hold my interest.

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