Jerry O’Connell hosts Star Trek Day

Friday 8th September marks 57 years to the day after the show's ground-breaking debut.

Paramount+ will mark its annual Star Trek Day global celebration on Friday, 8 September, 57 years to the day after the show’s debut.

Fans worldwide can watch the special program, hosted by Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Jerry O’Connell, with segments that look back at memorable moments over the past 57 years; commemorate 50 years of Star Trek animation; pay tribute to Star Trek: Discovery, ahead of its final season; provide an exclusive sneak-peek clip from the fourth season of Star Trek: Lower Decks and commemorate many other moments that highlight Star Trek’s legacy.

Available to watch for free globally on StarTrek.com/Day, YouTube (Paramount+ and Star Trek official pages), Twitch (ParamountPlus) and Facebook (@StarTrekOnPPlus and @StarTrek) and streaming on Paramount+ that evening.

On Friday 8 September, fans can also use the code STARTREKDAY for 25 percent off sitewide at https://shop.StarTrek.com.

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  1. I’ve been a Trekkie years…lately I’ve been watching Farscape…I was a fan of it too…Australian actors, great OTT characters, greater costumes….and the hole series with its erratic screening……(I think it might have been a plot to confuse the viewer) …with frill..dren. hezmana as expletives…what not to love? 😂

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