Lost in Space: trailer

Netflix releases a massive trailer, exactly 50 years after Lost in Space ended.

Netflix has released a massive trailer for its reimagined Lost in Space, dropped exactly 50 years after the classic sci-fi series ended.

A poster with the slogan warns “Danger will find them.”

This launches on April 13th. Bring it on.

Lost in Space is a Netflix Original dramatic and modern reimagining of the classic 1960’s science fiction series. Set 30 years in the future, colonization in space is now a reality, and the Robinson family is among those tested and selected to make a new life for themselves in a better world. But when the new colonists find themselves abruptly torn off course en route to their new home they must forge new alliances and work together to survive in a dangerous alien environment, lightyears from their original destination.

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  1. Important to remember that after an opening as a sci-fi action adventure, the original Lost in Space quickly morphed into a consciously cheesy comedy revolving around Will, the Robot and Doctor Smith. This relegated the rest of the cast to the role of extras, posturing on the edge of the storylines. The reboot looks like it’s sticking with the original formula and may just have the technology/budget to do so. I have from time to time pondered what it could mean that my childhood focus was the cowardly Smith, I’ll be very surprised if the reboot will go down this path.

  2. yeah naah, only the original 60s version is the best, even if it is dated and cheesey these days, still better than this looks too much cgi filled program that netflix has made. Jonathan Harris would be shaking in his grave after seeing this trailer.

  3. The only one of these reboots that I have liked has been Thunderbirds are go. They did pay respect to the original. This just looks like all these other sci fi movies that just have no soul.

  4. *Sigh* Why do they keep doing this? I loved this show as a kid. I hated the movie. And I don’t like this. If I had Netflix, I wouldn’t watch. If you *must* remake things (and I wish they wouldn’t), please stick to the basics of the original.(i.e. The Robot, and Dr Smith). And I do agree, this and the movie were very dark, visually & character/story wise. Just my 2 cents worth.

  5. The robot reminds me of Gort in ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ but this is a highly impressive trailer and if Netflix can keep up these production standards offers great promise of SciFi things to come.

    1. The Orville isn’t, but they made a choice to be an optimistic view of the future. Probably the dark look in most sci-fi is to do with no one being able to imagine a better future, a brighter tomorrow. The future is all now dark, bleak and depressing as people have given up on the ideas of a utopian future.

      1. It would’ve been a shock if they didn’t have the Robinson family and Dr Smith and Don West crash land on a planet. It is a nice twist that they met the, “robot” there.

        I admit I smiled at, “Danger Will Robinson!”. That is what comes of being a child in the 80s in Australia.

        1. Yes I smiled at ‘Danger Will Robinson’ too. I still remember coming home from school and watching it around 4:30 I think it was. Very much looking forward to this, if mainly for nostalgic reasons.

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