Renewed: Lost in Space

Sci-fi reboot Lost in Space has finally been renewed for a second season by Netflix.

The reception to the show has been strong.

According to data released by Nielsen, Lost In Space drew 3.16m US viewers overall on its first day of release, Netflix’s third best premiere-day viewership in the past year behind Season 2 of Stranger Things and movie Bright. But Netflix does not confirm its viewing numbers.

The series currently has a 69% score among critics and 74% rating with viewers on Rotten Tomatoes.

Source: Deadline


  1. I knew Netflix was just teasing Lost in Space fans, the whole storyline is begging for at least four seasons only the large budget required may kill it off as it probably did for recently cancelled The Expanse.

  2. Excellent news. Now if netflix could possibly re-imagine land of the giants and voyage to the bottom of the sea, I would be a very happy chappy

  3. robertrhenry

    Truly great news, but surely when you discover such a brilliant young actor as little Maxwell Jenkins, you’re not going to leave him somewhere way way out in space with no fuel and no robot. Especially , when he had the last word — “Danger!”
    (The series ends when he gets home, that’s not negotiable Netflix ! )

  4. That’s great news, I really enjoyed season 1 and really looking forward to season 2. They did a great job of being loyal to the original, while keeping the story contemporary.

  5. This is fantastic news. The first season was a great in reimaging the story of the Robinsons Family lost in space. I wonder if the real doctor Smith ( Billy Mummy) will make another appearance in season 2.

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