The Doctor Blake Mysteries, Craig McLachlan in Logie snub.

ABC drama The Doctor Blake Mysteries has not been listed for Logie Awards voting despite it being the biggest local drama on TV in 2017.

Star Craig McLachlan has also not been listed but co-star Nadine Garner is in the Most Popular Actress names.

The snub follows headlines surrounding Craig McLachlan and ABC previously axing the hit show. McLachlan is also not listed for The Wrong Girl, but co-star Madeleine West is.

Logie voting is based on eligible candidates being put forward by networks, but does not allow for viewers to add in their own suggestions.

The Doctor Blake Mysteries telemovie was the biggest local drama in 2017 at 1.09m viewers.

ABC declined to comment.

Comment has been sought from TV Week.

NB: Please note no comments will be published in relation to allegations.


  1. This is just so unfair! We’ve regressed to the bad old days of the puritanical ’50s! Give praise where it’s due – the many people who worked hard to achieve excellence should not be punished for something that has absolutely nothing to do with them or the Logies. Shame on the ABC and TV Week!

  2. jezza the first original one

    Terrible decision, worst for all concerned. A lot of folk put years of time and effort into the Dr Blake Mysteries and deserve recognition. This new puritantical era should not punish such a dedicated group.

  3. TasTVcameraman

    Best and biggest rating local drama, fails to get a mention, just goes to show how shallow TV week is, I along with many others probably will not bother watching now as the best show in my opinion does not even get a mention. Not cricket TV Week, been a loyal reader for years, this decision has made me stop buying the magazine and I hope may more stop buying it. Very poor decision.

  4. However nice it would have been for The Doctor Blake Mysteries to be nominated, or even win the Logie – hopefully for the hard working cast and crew the fact that the telemovie was the biggest local drama of the year, and seeing how hard the viewers fought to keep this show going is reward enough.

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