Airdate: Kitty is Not a Cat

New animation series Kitty is Not a Cat will premiere on 7TWO this Friday morning.

Produced by Melbourne-based BES Animation (Monster Beach), 52x 12min series is aimed at 6-10 year olds and follows the life of Kitty, a little girl who is determined to live the life of a cat. When Kitty happens across a house full of partying felines, their lives are turned upside down as they find themselves with the responsibility of having to teach her how to be human.

The voice cast include Rove McManus, and the series has been sold into 65 countries and translated into 25 languages. It was voted one of the top five most popular programs screened at MIPCOM Junior last year.

There is a magical time in children’s lives when they are convinced it is possible to grow up to be anything they like …. The leader of a country, a firefighter, a sports star perhaps …. or in the case of Kitty ….. a cat!

While this in itself is a little unusual, the fact that Kitty finds herself in the company of a house full of partying cats is more so!

The cats in the household talk and Kitty doesn’t …. They can’t understand a word Kitty is meowing …. But they do understand this kid needs to be taught how to behave like the human she is. Problem being human behavior doesn’t make that much sense to the cats and despite their ‘street smart’ ways, they are as innocent as the kid they have found themselves now instructing.

It’s a comic learning journey as all and sundry try and unravel the mysteries of human (in particular adult) behavior in order to release Kitty back into the wilds of the human world. Problem being they have all fallen in love with the little girl in a cat suit who remains determined to join their species.

7:30am Friday April 20 on 7TWO.

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