Zooey Deschanel “ready” for New Girl to end

US sitcom New Girl will end with its upcoming 7th season in the US but “adorkable” star Zooey Deschanel agrees it was time.

“It felt like we were ready for it to be the end, in a bittersweet way,” she told Variety. “But it wasn’t difficult. It was like finishing a marathon, like we did this really long run for seven years and we’ve played these characters a long time. It’s not like there was any unfinished business. It felt like the right time to be ending it in the best way. I’m sad not to see my friends that I’ve worked with every day for so long, but it was all really positive in the end.”

The series has screened in Australia on ELEVEN, which aired Season 6 last June. But with the loss of the FOX contract it isn’t clear where the final season will air.

And given the recent trend of reboots and revivals of popular shows, what would Deschanel like to see happen if the cast reunited ten years from now?

“I don’t know, because it really is so much about single people. In ten years, you would hope that people have sort of figured it out,” she joked.


  1. I like the show, but the scenario of it gets sad when stretched over such a long period-folks wanting a reboot of ‘Friends’ should consider how awkward that would be.

  2. I hope Seven will pick it up (I say them as an assumption, because they currently have a relationship with Fox), but somehow doubt it. With all there channels already full of programming. Modern Family being added “after the Comm Games” too.

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