FOX cancels TEN contracts

After 27 years The Simpsons farewell TEN, along with a bunch of other FOX titles.

21st Century FOX has cancelled its $376.8 million output deal with TEN.

Permanently leaving TEN are:

The Simpsons, Modern Family, This is Us and The X-Files plus Bob’s Burgers, American Horror Story, Empire, Star, New Girl, The X-Files, Speechless, COPS, The Last Man on Earth, Fresh Off the Boat, American Crime Story plus Malcolm in the Middle, MASH and Futurama.

The Simpsons has aired on TEN for 27 years but Season 29 is yet to debut.

The Australian reports the long-term agreement was set to expire on June 30, 2019.

Other networks including Seven, Nine and Foxtel could now potentially swoop on the shows.

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  1. They didn’t even finish screening the last season of Empire, and only got one episode of Star out. Those shows would suit Vice network really well, here’s hoping I guess. A pity about AHS, last season was good I was hoping to check out this season. Looks like we have to stream these shows now. Any idea if Supernatural is coming back? I was under the impression it was a CBS show so I’m a little surprised it isn’t on since their other shows are being screened.

    1. I am sure someone will grab the rights for the x-files, including foxtel. Presto previously(before it was canned), aired the first 9 seasons of the show. I think 10 is the only one who has aired Season 10.

  2. Its a shame that it opens the door for Ch 7 and 9 as they don’t treat programs very well. Ch7 seems to hate sitcoms by airing them very late at night for a couple of weeks the disappear of the schedule for months only to return without notice (The Goldbergs) and Ch9 create unrealistic expectations on there shows only to then shunt them to late night or to the digital channels or all together (Lethal Weapon, Arrow, Gotham, Kevin Can Wait). I hope SBS Viceland can get a hold of some as they treat programs with respect decent time slot and consistent start times. Brooklyn 99 (a Fox Show) as an example.

  3. How many years is that $378m over.

    Certainly seems to benefit CBS as much as FOX to end this deal and give them control over the budget, amd FOX may strike better deals selling it’s premium content separately.

    As for CBS shows on Ten – wonder if it might be a condition of the sale that CBS have to go to the market with their content rather than just gift it to Ten. Indeed considering US content doesn’t seem to rate as well as it once did in Australia it’s probably not in Ten’s interests to be lumbered with it.

  4. None of these shows ever won their time slots for TEN. Out with the old in with the new I say. Ten has always had an image problem with this sort of mediocrity on their channel .Time for new Aussie shows. More original Aussie content please

  5. Holy crap. I’ve had nightmares about The Simpsons leaving TEN years ago. I would expect Seven to jump on the rights to it and repeat the hell out of it on their primary channel, and all the while TEN will regret dumping most of their best U.S. content on ELEVEN. From memory, The Simpsons was still pulling decent numbers on TEN before they unceremoniously dumped it on ELEVEN (I’m still confounded by this idiotic decision, which is one of many that has left TEN in the state of disrepair that it is in now).

    I doubt I’d ever watch The Simpsons anywhere else, but all this publicity could help The Simpsons gain a much needed spike in ratings. On the plus side, many of the classic episodes will probably air uncut for the first time on Australian FTA, and all episodes will be reclassified by the censors in their new home, so a lot of episodes will likely have different ratings to what…

      1. I believe 7mate targets middle aged men, so unless they pull out nostalgic 90s Simpsons it probably wouldn’t stand a chance. Bob’s Burgers definitely wouldn’t, then again Eleven was already shunting new episodes to 10pm.

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