Oops. Sunrise says sorry to PM

Sunrise was forced to apologise to Malcolm Turnbull after David Koch was one of several media misled by a man who claimed he PM had queue-jumped him in a local pub.

“The Prime Minister was at a Politics in the Pub event in Brisbane’s Carindale Hotel when he committed the ultimate pub sin, cutting in front of the line to get a beer. Twenty-six-year-old landscaper Nick Gordon, known as Bluey, wasn’t impressed and flipped the bird at our leader,” Koch said last Wednesday.

As Media Watch reported, the man being ejected and fined for refusing to leave the premises, was enough for Kochie calling on the PM to pay the fine.

David Koch: It’d be fair to say you were protecting Australian culture, weren’t you? Our heritage?

Nick Gordon: Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s exactly right.

David Koch: So Bluey you didn’t swear at him, you didn’t drop the f-bomb or anything like that. You were just pointing out the etiquette of every pub.

Nick Gordon: Yeah, yeah, I’m just pretty much just saying it just how it is.

Other media also weighed in on the great Australian sin of queue-jumping at the pub.

But Peter Van Onselen asked on The Project: “Do we really know that he tried to push in or are we just assuming that?”

The Courier Mail revealed footage that showed the PM did not queue jump, prompting a hasty Sunrise retreat.

“Pushing in at the pub is the kind of stain that stays with a man for life. Here in Australia it is unforgivable. Nick, that was a dastardly thing to do and make up, big fella. You can’t do that,” Kochie said on Thursday.

“It was good to get the vision….. you’ve got to check these things out.”

Sam Armytage added, “Apologies to the Prime Minister.”


  1. No apology from Kochie it seems. Just a mumbled response about checking the video first. Thankyou Media watch; these pompous prats need to exposed for what they are.

  2. It’s all about filling up their shows. Even if they are wrong, it doesn’t matter. They can always apologize later. Look how much coverage they got out of this fake story? Sorry Donald, I took your line. Hehehe

  3. Kochie stuffed up he was lazy and didn’t do his research and yet he was too arrogant to apologise himself .Sam apologized to the PM she had nothing to apologise for .it was kochie stuff up..what a pathetic apology it was too.this show has lost the plot it really is lazy fluff TV stealing stories from the daily Tele and passing them off as their own .no research on stories what’s so ever

  4. Time to stop with the fluff, if you want to talk to politicians stop trying to be their friend and ask the tough questions. Such as why has the Government wash their hands of the PFAS contamination at Williamtown.

  5. chief squirrel

    It must feel horrible for Malcolm. Imagine… you’re accused of being a queue-jumper when, all along, you were abiding by the rules and awaiting processing. Then, they (wrongly) call you “illegal”… but when it’s discovered you’re not… instead of offering you an apology, they just double down. That poor guy.

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