Airdate: Food Safari Water

Maeve O’Meara returns with long-running SBS foodie series now with a Food Safari Water theme, exploring both fresh water and saltwater fish.

This season will air on Wednesday nights instead of the traditional Thursday slot.

SBS Director of Television and Online Content, Marshall Heald, said: “We’re thrilled to be bringing back one of Australia’s most iconic food programmes. Food Safari Water is a visual delight featuring world-class chefs and the best cooks of multicultural Australia.

“Fear of fish can afflict even the most confident cook. Food Safari Water presents seafood via practical, healthy recipes that are approachable and attainable. Whether it’s showcasing recipes that have been handed down over generations or multicultural dishes with a twist using local ingredients, Maeve O’Meara is the perfect tour guide for this flavourful voyage to some of our country’s most beautiful destinations.

“Maeve’s appetite for adventure and knowledge of these quintessential seafood dishes is evident during her travels, as she gives Australians a front row seat to all the deliciousness and fun.”

Maeve O’Meara added, “Our research showed a vast number of seafood recipes across the cuisines of the world but putting the episodes together and seeing the stories and the dishes come together gave us goosebumps – this is one of our very best Food Safari series!

“Seafood is definitely the protein of the future and to see the way the world’s cuisines use this wonderful food in so many inventive ways is nothing short of dazzling. Food lovers will adore the inventiveness and many lightbulb culinary moments, and everyone will love the colourful cast of characters and celebration of multicultural Australia!”

SBS’s much-loved food series, Food Safari, returns in a wave of glory to explore the bounty of the water, both salt and freshwater.

Hosted by Australia’s empress of food television, Maeve O’Meara, Food Safari Water is a vibrant 13-part series that serves up an abundance of multicultural seafood recipes and cuisines, traditions and tastes. It seems every country on earth does something inventive and delicious with seafood, and all of it can be found here in Australia.

Now in its 12th year on SBS, the latest stimulating series not only showcases the diverse seafood dishes of the world, it dives deep into the customs of catching and preserving fish, shellfish, crustaceans and sea vegetables. It’s also a celebration of the hardworking fishermen and women, divers and foragers, processors and smokers as well the brilliant chefs and home cooks who share their treasured recipes and techniques.

The Food Safari magic that SBS viewers have come to love, continues – showcasing cuisines as diverse as Senegalese, Sri Lankan, Greek, Spanish, Peruvian, Lebanese, Turkish, Thai, English and Brazilian.

Take a journey with Maeve as she unearths Peter Conistis’s signature scallop and taramasalata moussaka; Frank Camorra’s mastery of Spanish seafood tapas; a masterclass on how to cook fish with Australia’s top seafood chef Steve Hodges; and the heart-beat-faster excitement of the mullet run, up Australia’s east coast with Giovanni Pilu.

Wednesdays at 8.00pm on SBS from 1 August.

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  1. I’ve very much enjoyed Food Safari over the years, and I bought the first 4 seasons on DVD. But being a seafood lover, I am really looking forward to Food Safari Water. Yum!

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