Did Four Corners report kill off camera access for New Year’s Eve?

ABC will need to find a new location for key New Year’s Eve fireworks after AMP declined access to its Circular Quay building this December.

Media Watch last night revealed ABC was advised of the change the day after a Four Corners story into corporate greed and deception at AMP, following the Royal Commission. The report said AMP was once a trusted blue chip Australian company but it’s reputation is now in tatters after evidence it charged customers fees for no service and repeatedly lied to the corporate regulator.

ABC has used one of 2 AMP buildings for 5 years to gain prime Sydney Harbour shots of the NYE fireworks with a camera and relay equipment.

The day after the Four Corners story AMP sent an email advising that the balcony would not be available to use this coming NYE, and it signed off: “Good luck with finding an alternative solution.”

An AMP spokesperson told Media Watch, “We informed City of Sydney last year that AMP would be using the space for the next two years before we move to a new headquarters. Therefore, the arrangement wrapped up after last New Year’s Eve. Similarly, this is why we declined the ABC request.”

Happy new year.


  1. Corporate Australia is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. They overwhelmingly support the conservatives, hence the massive delays in the royal commission. The ABC is highly liked and trusted, while regularly breaking stories that have shown terrible attitudes by corporate Australia. Not to tar them all with the same brush but in general, a well-liked media organization focused on the truth is the enemy of much of corporate Australia. Hence AMP spitting the dummy like the children they are.

    • Last years ABC New Years Eve Countdown Concert was fantastic and received rave reviews from viewers and critics alike. Some people cannot be pleased.

      • Na Gaz, I reckon they should give it back to Nine so we can be entertained by 30 minutes of commercials and promos for The Block in the final half-hour, on top of the 30 mins per hour in the earlier part, interspersed with ‘talent’ from “The Voice”. Not to mention those amateurish Nine helicopter shots with constant breakup.

    • AMP owns it’s buildings, it is a major property owner. The AMP Centre, their HQ and the taller AMP building in the photo, is in the process of having it’s top 1/3 lopped off to be converted into a large, shiny, $1b eco-friendly glass tower. The design was announced in 2014, work started this year and is expected to be completed by 2020 as AMP says. I noticed this this afternoon because I went to buy a drink in the food court at the bottom of it and discovered a construction site. As a result AMP has had to move staff from the Centre into other buildings e.g. The AMP Building that stands in front of it. Once again the ABC’s paranoia, and love of conspiracy theories, outweighs their fact checking ability.

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