Next reboot The Facts of Life?

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jessica Biel in talks to bring back 1980s sitcom.

Another day another reboot rumour.

US sitcom The Facts of Life is the latest to surface in media reports with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jessica Biel in talks to executive produce.

The spin-off of Diff’rent Strokes ran for 9 seasons from 1979, with Charlotte Rae as Edna Garrett, a housemother at an all-female boarding school.

A network is not yet attached and a search for a writer is underway, according to reports.

It follows reports last week that Warner Bros. TV is looking to revive 80s sitcom ALF.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Facts of Life was never a hit here in Aus. I used to enjoy seeing it when ten used to play it over the summer in the 80s. I never saw the whole series, but I think they changed where they set the show a few times, which was intersting. As for what’s going to be rebooted next, I’m getting fatigue just reading about them.

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