Kitty Flanagan to depart The Weekly

Kitty Flanagan announces she will depart ABC comedy after 4 seasons.

Comedian Kitty Flanagan will depart ABC comedy show The Weekly with Charlie Pickering after 4 seasons.

She announced the news last night on the show with a comedic “In Memoriam” song parody.

Flanagan and Pickering previously worked together on TEN’s Project before she joined his break-away show on ABC.

Pickering confirmed she would return for a 2018 “Yearly” special in December.


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  1. Hey question David – is the tag cloud on the sidebar still updating? Just noticed there are quite a few articles about The Weekly in recent times, but it’s nowhere to be seen on the tag cloud. I can’t imagine NCIS or Today Tonight are still big in news headlines either ;P

    Not a huge deal – just curious more than anything.

    1. Hi Swanny. It is automated but it works on the amount of tags over the life of the site. For years after its demise Australian Idol was still in extra large letters, until eventually the sum total began to diminish. The Weekly is only a few years old, and not around all year so I can’t see it ever claiming prominence. Seven News, Nine News, ACA, Home & Away etc get mentions almost daily due to ratings wraps. Hope that helps!

  2. Perhaps she’ll be the token female representative fronting a program in Ten’s 2019 Pilot Week?Hopefully one of the networks has thrown a bucket load of money at her to devise her own show.

  3. I love Kitty but won’t miss her all that much on The Weekly. Her pre-recorded pieces were great but I’ve always found the interview portion with Charlie too rehearsed. The same applies to Tom. It’s far too scripted and, thus, unfunny.

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