Record run for Today Tonight in Adelaide

Adelaide’s Today Tonight has claimed the longest winning streak since the introduction of people meters with a 700 weeks of consecutive wins.

Hosted by Rosanna Mangiarelli, it is also one of the greatest winning streaks since television began in Adelaide in 1959.

The run began on March 26 2001. Over its life the show’s other hosts have included Leigh McClusky, Paul Makin, John Riddell and Mike Smithson. Rosanna Mangiarelli began in August 2007.

Seven Adelaide Director of News and Public Affairs, Chris Salter, said: “700 weeks is an incredible milestone and a stunning reflection on our superb team, past and present. Night after night, year after year, South Australians tune in to watch the stories that matter to them.”


  1. Impressive run, but you do get the feeling the show is on it’s last legs. You barely get 10 minutes of the actual show these days, 7 news Adelaide runs until 6:38, then you get one TT story, ads, one more story, more ads and then a recap of the weather again.

    Not to mention the Foxtel EPG still mentions Naomi Robson as the host!

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