Seven serves up 7Food channel

Seven sews up US output deal for new foodie channel due in December.

Another new foodie channel, 7food network, is set to launch on Channel 74 on December 1.

The announcement with Discovery network follows SBS Food Network losing its deal with Discovery-owned Scripps Network. It will now be known simply as SBS Food.

Viewers can expect first run seasons of Guy’s Grocery Games, Food Network Star, Chopped, Restaurant: Impossible, Diners, Drive-Ins And Dives, Cutthroat Kitchen and Iron Chef America.

There will be new seasons of Best Baker In America, Spring Baking Championship and Kid’s Baking Championship, plus brand new episodes of Ridiculous Cakes.

Gordon Ramsay offerings include Mystery Diners, Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern, Cake Masters, Cake Wars, The Great Food Truck Race, Restaurant Stakeout and Giada At Home.

7food network will also replay Australian originals including My Kitchen Rules, Better Homes And Gardens, Zumbo’s Just Desserts, Fast Ed’s Fast Food, Anh Does Vietnam, My France With Manu, Around The World With Manu, Manu’s American Road Trip, My Ireland With Colin and Aussie Barbecue Heroes.

Seven will announce original content plans at a later date.

Seven’s Head of Scheduling Brook Hall said: “Food is a major part of our DNA at Seven and always has been. Food brings Australians together with the people they love and food brings audiences to the screens of Seven. We’re excited for 7food network to serve our core 25-54 audience more quality food content from home and abroad, anytime, on every platform, backed by the power of Seven.”

Seven’s Network Sales Director Natalie Harvey said: “7food network will add a new flavour to our already dominant network position and offer advertisers an engaged and of course, hungry audience. Leveraging the power of Seven combined with the strength of the number one women’s digital network, Pacific, plus West Australian Newspapers means we will be launching with a bang. I don’t believe there has even been, or will ever be a better platform and better timing to launch such a rich and engaging content platform.”

Discovery’s General Manager, ANZ & Pacific Islands, Rebecca Kent said: “At Discovery our passion lies in sharing the best real-life stories with our audiences. Producing globally renowned content that is engaging and inspiring is what we love to do and working with local partners to entertain as many Australians as possible is the icing on the cake! We’re delighted to be joining forces with Seven on connecting all Australians to the power and joy of food with 7food network.”

Discovery’s Vice President, Lifestyle Products, ANZ & Pac Islands, Amanda Herbert said: “We are incredibly excited about the opportunity to strengthen and grow the Food Network brand with the talented team at Seven. Their passion for international brands and premium content is matched by our own and we know together, with our global pipeline and their local expertise, we can serve Australian audiences an unrivalled destination for food entertainment”.

7food network launches Saturday, December 1 on Channel 74.

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  1. I live in Sydney. I tuned in the TV (1-11-2018) and noticed a new food channel 74 was automatically added to the TV. But there was no test signal. I also noticed that the 10 Network have a new logo for its bouguet of channels, 10 (the main channel whether std or HD), 10 Peach (formerly channel 11) and 10 Boss (the channel with Judge Judy and the occasional rerun of Hogan’s Heroes.).

    I may not be necessarily watching any food channel, However when I did have the chance to watch SBS’s Food Channel, I did find “Save My Bakery” hosted by Kerry Vincent and “Mystery Diners” very instructive on how to spruce up a rundown business and how to detect fraud, misappropriation of a business’s resources and poor customer service. Even programs on how confectionery was made were very instructive.

    What I would like to see in food programs are those hosted by nutritionists on how to cook…

  2. David, is there any news on the 4th Ten station? It would be brave if one of the Free to Air channels had a Fox Classics style channel with some of the quality Aussie shows and some from overseas from the past.

  3. 7 is mad to cram in another channel into their bandwidth cap, they should at least ditch Racing.com

    One hopes that 7Food will at least be MPEG4, although they might chicken out like they did with 7Flix.

    1. I hope not, I’m looking forward to a food channel that is not full of American Cooking and reality entertainment. And besides Prime won’t have this channel for another two years (going by 7flix) if not at all.

  4. In Tasmania 7Flix is not screened so I doubt that this waste of space will be screened. Next we will have 9Block with all reno shows on that channel. I am watching more of my DVD collections now, streaming with one service gives me the horrors having to reset passwords every time i log in, not worth the hassle.

  5. Interesting decision by Seven to compete with the established soon-to-be-renamed SBS Food. But it won’t affect me…I live in the MIA where there’s a WIN monopoly so we’re still waiting on 7flix and 7HD…

  6. I love how all of these channels supposedly licenced for “datacasting” are now broadcasting conventional content. Is this channel counted in ratings? Apparently WIN83, the Sky channel (I refuse to call it “news” as every time I pass by it’s regurgitating yesterday’s talking heads). Not ‘news’. And why does WIN waste precious time promoting this channel on their main channel, in every break? And I mean every break!

  7. the press release had my interest until “7food network will also replay Australian originals” & “Seven will announce original content plans at a later date.”

    Just give me the shows that SBS Food got rid of.

  8. What an absolute waste of bandwidth. There is already a food channel on SBS. They should have focused on something like a music video channel. Something that is prevalent in many countries with digital reception. It’s utterly pointless having 2 food networks on free-to-air.

  9. The new channel is aiming for a 1 per cent share of the total television audience.
    Ch74 started life as an advertorial “datacasting” channel TV4ME in 2011 which later became ME and went bust in 2016. Presumably this is a re-launch for a different market.
    On a diet of Lean Cuisine I won’t be re-scanning my TV just yet.

    1. With bitrates so bad on their rivals SD channels if Ten are sticking with two multi channels they’d be better off converting them to HD and selling on picture quality rather than channel quantity.

  10. Most of the shows are yonks old so not much of a gain really. SBS repeated them over n over. I suspect that won’t change. 7Flix has less movies on it now than ever. Mostly encores of programs that have aired on other channels.

      1. Turn on 7flix now, you’ve got 4 back-to-back movies. The channel was never launched to be a sole movie channel, unsustainable for a commercial channel in this current environment, but was a key feature, just a public misconception.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Just upgraded to 65″ myself and am about ready to remove the SD 576i channels from the guide entirely, it’s a hot mess. Even if there was something more substantial to watch than the same trash reality and lifestyle shows repeated ad infinitum, the picture quality is totally unacceptable.

      Seven seem to think they can still squeeze ‘just a little more’ out of their bandwidth allocation, but in fact, it’s just another reason for viewers like me to switch over to BluRay discs or streaming services, all in outstanding 4K 2160p. It won’t be long before advertisers start to steer clear of the multichannel hot mess due to those channels being “literally unwatchable” on new televisions.

  11. Interesting partnership, I really like some food shows but have never really got into these channels. So 7Food will be measured for ratings by the sounds of this article, not just a datacasting-like channel?

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