Kayo Sports is a game-changer

Foxtel's new "Netflix of Sport" is already winning over sports-mad fans.

Foxtel has launched a beta website for Kayo Sports, its new stand-alone sport streaming service.

The Beta offer is $25 per month subscription for HD sports on 2 screens and $35 a month for 3 screens on Mac, PC, mobile, tablet and with Chromecast. An app, Apple TV and Telstra TV are all coming soon.

Set to become the “Netflix of Sport” the service under new CEO Patrick Delany will offer over 50 sports. both Live and On Demand, from FOX Sports, ESPN and BeIN, including AFL, NRL, Cricket, A-League, NBL, NBA, NFL and Formula One.

The service is also set to come with split-screen with up to four videos at once on selected devices and a Spoiler Free mode to hide scores. A video with navigation explained reveals several more snazzy features.

Kayo Sports will come with no lock-in contract and a 14 day free trial.

The pricing is considerably lower than the Sports package on Foxtel which comes in at $58 a month (with Entertainment base package) but while there is a risk of cannibalising its current service, Foxtel is betting on thousands of sports fans across Australia as new customers.

Social media is already responding favourably to the new offer.


It will launch officially later this year.

You can check out the Beta service here.

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  1. Very good price point at $25, given that the 3 beIN SPORTS channels on Fetch are $19.99 p/m and the Vibe pack which has the ESPN’s, Spike, Egg and Edge (sports wise with MTV etc) for $6:00 p/m so $25.99 for less. Can see myself dumping those and going with Kayo while keeping the Fetch Variety pack along with my Prime Video Streaming (AU$59 per year), that’ll cover everything nicely at $35.92 p/m.

    So well done Foxtel if the price point stays the same out of Beta and I’ll be subscribing very very soon.

  2. Kayo is a promising move by Foxtel. For years I’ve been a wannabe Foxtel customer — attracted by their sports offering but dissuaded ny the need to subscribe to a package that I don’t want just to get access to the sports content. Unfortunately, I live in a region that’s notorious for bad internet coverage (the Dandenong Ranges on the eastern outskirts of Melbourne) so I don’t know that a streaming service will fit the bill. Here’s hoping…

  3. Subscribed today. Not sure I’ll keep it though. Connecting to chromecast via the Google Chrome app and it’s really dodgy. Streams well through the iPad alone. But was so excited to show my husband he can watch the cricket on the tv this evening. But it’s unwatchable through chromecast. Tried Netflix to ensure it wasn’t a problem with my chromecast device. Perfect pic. Disappointing. I’m not even a fan but having grown up with cricket the current situation is so so sad ?

  4. One advantage of having a set top box is to be able to record early morning broadcasts or clashing sporting events, so I would hope that streamed or Chromecast sports events will be made available on demand as an alternative.
    Kayo Sports (especially on Apple TV) will clash with Foxtel Go and Foxtel Now and Fox Sports HD/4K, so it’s going to be a bit of a muddle for subscribers, I would have thought it wiser to settle on a competitive idea and stick with it instead of speculating by trial and error and hoping for the best which isn’t exactly a good business practice anytime.

  5. Lot of content in there.

    1080p resolution (seems that’s both on demand and live channels – Foxtel Now is 720p for the live HD channels and 1080p for the on demand content).

    $10 extra for the premium tier gets you one extra device (Netflix you have to have the top tier to have more than 2 devices, which is $4 on top of the mid tier pack). $10 seems a bit hefty for that.

    That name ‘Kayo Sports’ though. Mind you, a search for ‘kayo’ on Google or Bing show it’s used quite a bit.

    Should be interesting to see how this goes over time. Foxtel Now drove their increased subscriber numbers in the September quarter and this sport service may well give the numbers a good push. It’ll be interesting to see what changes they make to Foxtel Now when Kayo launches (comes out of Beta). Right now, the entry pack plus sport on Foxtel Now is slightly more expensive than subscribing to…

  6. I thought Foxtel would be more worried about losing Foxtel Now customers (who require a minimum $39/m spend to get sports) that Foxtel STB customers to the new service. I’ll be one that is churning from Now to Kayo when my current month is up.

    The article says the beta pricing is $25/m. Do we know what the non-beta pricing is?

      1. Yeah just looked at Foxtel Now, not sure why they did that the old packs were much better value for money. Seems they are moving like STB subscriptions where you have to get a lot of channels you don’t want to get the good stuff 🙁

        Looking at the whirlpool forum, it seems you need a Chromecast Ultra, and I only have the 2nd Gen Chromecast. Didn’t buy the ultra as I don’t have a 4K tv.

    1. Why would it be a nail in the coffin for FTA? Kayo will only show games that Foxtel/ESPN/BeIN have the rights for. Other than NRL games (which are broadcast on both Nine and Fox League), cricket (Seven and Fox Cricket), and rugby union tests (Ten/Fox Sports) most FTA rights are not shared with pay tv. AFL games from Seven are blacked out on Foxtel Now (and I assume Kayo too)

  7. It’s a good service, without a doubt. But it needs to be marketed. I rarely saw marketing for Presto. Never saw marketing from Foxtel Play or Now. Foxtel has hit a winner here, it would be a shame if nobody hears about it.

  8. What annoys me is traditional subscribers are missing out on features once again. The likes of DirecTV in the U.S. have offered picture in picture for sports channels on their STBs for years and it’s a feature Foxtel have never included in their IQs. And now that their market is fragmenting they use it as an enticement for the online service while long term satellite subscribers miss out.

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