What’s on SBS Food channel?

Here are the first highlights on the SBS Food.

SBS Food Network becomes simply SBS Food from tomorrow, November 17, on Channel 33.

The change follows a programming switch by Discovery which sees 7Food launch on December 1st.

As a result some titles will no longer screen on SBS including Rachael Ray’s 30 Minute Meals, Giada at Home, Reza: Spice Prince of Vietnam, Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, Diners, Drive Ins & Dives, and Chopped hosted by Ted Allen.

SBS Food will now focus on premium Australian content and less “reality food.”

SBS Director of TV & Online Content, Marshall Heald, said: “SBS Food will feature more famous Australian and global food personalities including some of SBS’s much-loved favourites including Adam Liaw, Poh Ling Yeow, Shane Delia, Peter Kuruvita, Luke Nguyen and for the first time Maeve O’Meara, alongside Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson, Rick Stein, Jamie Oliver and Kylie Kwong.”

Some titles will be older having had runs elsewhere such as former ABC series The Cook and the Chef & Poh’s Kitchen but they also plan to and develop new programs.

“SBS Food is less reality food and more real food and will continue our commitment to broadcasting multicultural food-related content, introducing and educating audiences about different cultures, going to the core of SBS’s unique purpose.”

Dinner Date
Saturday, 17 November at 8.30pm
Premiere (25 Parts)
Dinner Date is a factual entertainment series that has something for everyone. In each episode someone is given the chance to find true love over three meals – each cooked by a blind date in their own home. We all have an opinion about what makes a good meal, and we’ve all played matchmaker at some time or another. In this new show, you get to do both. This is a very simple and highly returnable series that can run as long as there are single people who are hungry. In each episode, a participant will choose three menus from five put together by members of the opposite sex. They then go on three dates with the ‘chefs’, who cook them a meal in their own homes. After the three dates, all the chefs prepare for a night out at a swanky restaurant, but the participant can only choose one to go with – leaving the other two with a night in alone and a takeaway dish.

Darren Robertson’s Charcoal Kitchen
Sunday, 18 November at 7.30pm
New Double Episode (10 Parts)
Darren Robertson, is an ex-pat Pom, chef, and part-owner of the Three Blue Ducks chain. Each episode explores a different form of BBQ cooking, from the formal setting of a winery, in the snow, the Teppanyaki, and even sitting on a beach camp style. Darren meets some wonderful people who share his passion for cooking over fire, and shares his simple, quick, and easy dishes.

Series One, Episode Three: Smokin’
The Three Blue Ducks empire has expanded to a seasonal restaurant the boys operate at the snow fields of Falls Creek in Victoria’s alpine region. Surrounded by great produce, the restaurant sources all it’s ingredients from the local area and hauls it up the mountain almost daily.

Episode Four: Teppanyaki BBQ At My Table
When we think of the BBQ, we immediately think of cooking outdoors and of naked flames and smoking grills. In this episode, Darren explores the gentle art of teppanyaki and shows us how cooking on the right kids of coal and flame can be great for an indoor get together as well.

Richo’s Bar Snacks
Weeknights at 5.00pm
Premiere (14 Parts)
Behind the bar of his chic Melbourne establishment, chef Adrian Richardson (Good Chef Bad Chef, Secret Meat Business) showcases his talents with innovative snacks, drinks, and nifty nibbles. Taking a new approach to finger food, Richo will unveil new snack ideas as well as clever twists on old favourites, like his Garlic Prawn Toastie and Bocconcini Stuffed Falafel. Sharing his love of international cuisine, Richo makes dishes inspired by countries around the world.

Series One, Episode One: Monday
From the Ultimate Nut Mix to the classic Americano cocktail, we introduce you to Richo’s bar with these classic bar snacks.

Episode Two: Tuesday
Putting a twist on some of our favourite bar snacks, Richo creates flavour packed Cheeseburger Spring Rolls and a decadent Lemoncello Mousse.

The Cook and the Chef
Weeknights at 5.30pm
New Double Episodes (40 Parts)
Both Maggie Beer and Simon Bryant believe that there is nothing more important than to source the best possible ingredients to use when cooking. And the best way to do this is to use produce which is in season at the time of the cooking. The two culinary legends trade secrets and methods.

Season Three, Episode Two: Croc and Honey Monday
To check out the Northern Territory’s claim that they produce the best crocodile meat, Simon visits a farm near Darwin and talks to zoologist Adam Britton, who explains why it’s not just the skins of these extraordinary creatures that we should be looking at.

Episode Four: Mangoes and Cheese Tuesday
Maggie and Simon dish up a bit of mango madness with two tropically inspired dishes that showcase the unique flavours of green, unripe mangoes. Maggie then whips up a ‘sandwich’ using delicate puff pastry and a bitey cheddar balanced with sweet quince paste, while Simon has spectacular success with twice baked goat cheese souffles.

Justine’s Flavours of Fuji
Monday, 19 November at 8.30pm
Premiere (8 Parts)
Justine Schofield, star of Australia’s most watched cooking series, Everyday Gourmet, heads to the home of Mt Fuji, Shizuoka, Japan, for an experience like no other. In an area filled with an extraordinary amount of tradition and culture, Justine meets locals artisans and producers, visits amazing places, and learns time-honoured cooking methods. Under the watchful eye of Fuji-san, Justine will share dishes inspired by the journey and the produce that makes Shizuoka such a unique place in such a unique country.

Series One, Episode One:
Justine has landed in Japan and rides down on the shinkansen to Shizuoka – the home Mt Fuji. Join her as she heads into the mountains to make soba noodles.

Episode Two:
Justine gets her gumboots on for a trip to the Wasabi farm and tries her luck at the Shizuoka fish markets.

Poh’s Kitchen
Tuesday, 20 November at 8.30pm
SBS Food Premiere (40 Parts)
Meet Poh Ling Yeow. She’s an artist in the kitchen. Literally. A trained designer and artist, Poh is a recent convert to cooking and has taken to it like a duck to water. With her creative culinary style and femme-fatal charm, she won the critics over and was a finalist in the hit show, Masterchef. Poh welcomes internationally-renowned chefs in to her kitchen, where together they create succulent, mouth watering dishes. Meet Thai cooking guru, David Thomspon, Australia’s ‘best’, Neil Perry, French-trained chef Emmanuel Mollois, and Indian curry ‘queen’ Ragini Dey. They share their tips and techniques with Poh, and explore different styles of cooking. Poh also travels across Australia and to her native Malaysia to follow her family ties and share traditional family cooking secrets.

Series One, Episode One: Family Favourites With Emmanuel Mollois French-trained pastry chef Emmanuel Mollois joins Poh Ling Yeow in her kitchen, where they make delicious desserts. Poh prepares her version of a chiffon cake and Emmanuel demonstrates how to make almond croissants.

Episode Two: A Green Curry With David Thompson
Thai food guru, David Thompson joins Poh in her kitchen, where David makes green beef curry and Poh prepares roti. Poh explains the method for picking a good coconut, and learns quite a bit about the heat of chillies.

The Good Cooks
Thursday, 22 November at 8.30pm
New Episode (6 Parts)
Six different Australian celebrity chefs, including Dan Churchill, Sarah Todd, Rebecca Sullivan, Luke Hines, Mark Olive and Paul West, visit remote locations around the world to learn more about food security and sustainability practices. Each chef becomes an assistant to the local cooks in these diverse communities to experience and learn more about their unique food cultures, real life challenges and some amazing recipes.

Series One, Episode Three: Indonesia
Australian food writer and television presenter Rebecca Sullivan travels from the Clare Valley in South Australia to Kupang in the heart of West Timor to find out how the successful beef farming project in West Timor is helping farmers and communities lift themselves out of poverty. The research will also benefit Australian farmers by tracking productivity gains from using the legume, which is readily available in northern Australia.

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  1. The short answer is “not much”.

    There is so little content on SBS Food that content appears to be ‘encored’ after just 4 hours. The decade-old Cook and the Chef S1E1 is airing *four* times in less than 24 hours.

  2. Flicked through the TV Week to see what would be on SBS Food next week. Very disappointed to see that most days do not have any new content. Nothing exciting to watch. I hope the channel 74 offerings are more varied and up to date.

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