Sylvia Jeffreys gone from Today

Today news presenter is the latest to be cut loose from struggling breakfast show.

Sylvia Jeffreys is the latest to be culled from the Today show revamp, but will remain with Nine on projects yet to be announced.

In a statement she said, “I’ve loved and embraced every minute of my Today show chapter and feel humbled to have worked with so many passionate people — hosts, studio crew, cameramen and producers — who have become my great mates. There are few shows that are fortunate to have such an engaged audience, and I thank our viewers for inviting me into their homes day after day.

“I’m thrilled to sink my teeth into a brand new project. Opportunity often knocks when you least expect it and I’m ready to dive right in to what’s ahead of me.”

She joined Today four years ago. Her departure follows rumours she would be culled, confirmed just days after the exit of husband Peter Stefanovic and brother-in-law Karl. Richard Wilkins will also focus on Today Extra.

“Sylvia is one of Nine’s hardest-working, most talented and passionate journalists,” Nine’s director of news and current affairs, Darren Wick, said. “After a humble start as a junior in our Brisbane newsroom many years ago, her tireless work ethic propelled her through the reporting ranks to become the national face of 9News with the Today show.

“She’s also become an agenda-setter and a leading voice for women with her commentary on Today and 9Honey,” Wick added.

“Sylvia has done a great job on Today, and while the team there will miss her, she’s about to embark on an exciting new challenge. Watch this space in 2019.”

Meanwhile in the midst of a plethora of Karl stories and speculation, Georgie Gardner has sent him a message on Instagram:

“A very tough week, a challenging year. Huge congratulations @karlstefanovic_ for a 14 yr tenure hosting one of TV’s most demanding gigs. You brought a new brand, straddling the serious stories along with endless laughs (see YouTube!) You taught me plenty, it was never boring. X”

Sports presenter Tim Gilbert, another who is rumoured to be culled, has also tweeted:

He is expected to host for the next three weeks.

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  1. Wouldnt have let her go but gone by association one would assume. Bring Deb in to co host!!! She is the true star of this show.

    Ten should get Lisa in for do a morning show now and see how it would play out! Even bring in karl lol can u imagine.

  2. TEN should strike while the irons hot. With all the Today uncertainty they should bring back Good Morning Australia. They already have the talent. Joe, Lisa, Kerrie Anne, Sarah Harris, Jennifer Keyte, Hammish, etc. It would really throw a cat among the pidgeons. If it worked it could even help Studio Ten.

  3. I’m in two minds regarding Sylvia. From my vantage point she displays warmth and can read the autocue without too much drama. I’d like to see her stay and hope she hasn’t been punished by association.

  4. Good ole Deb Knight sits there day after day holding the fort with a huge smile through all the comings and goings. I think she is the best of the lot of them and should have been co anchor ahead of Georgie in the first place. I can’t take to Tim Gilbert at all. Just something about him irks me.

    1. Totally agree regarding Deborah Knight. When Channel 10 let her go I thought at the time what a stupid decision. Then 9 picked her up and I thought what a brilliant decision. Since then I’ve really felt for Deborah. She seems to be the go to (excuse my sexist remark) girl whenever and wherever she is required. And have you or others noted how she turns her body to her co-anchor. It’s subtle but body language experts would suggest she shows real interest in her co-host.

  5. I don’t know if reports Tim Gilbert is going to be paid out are correct. He is scheduled to host Today and then the tennis, unless they release him after the tennis.
    Meanwhile my tip is that Brenton Ragless will host Today (or possibly Deb Knight), David Campbell will host Weekend Today with Richard Wilkins hosting Today Extra 1 or 2 days a week so Campbell can have a day off.

        1. It was more than just talk. Darren Wick told me this year Ben was the succession plan. Those quotes still online. Ben appears to have reduced interest in the grind with his young family. 2GB also gets to approve, although Nine now owns majority.

          1. Ben Fordham has been filling in on various Sky News shows lately. The odd Sky spot probably suits him better, and is more in line with his 2GB gig.

  6. Georgie Gardner I thought would have been a great replacement for Lisa but she has been the kiss of death for Today. Sylvia is no great loss for me. She always had a bit of the All About Eve about her. The producers seem to want an all female panel (I hope Erin Molan isn’t bought in to ruin another long running legacy brand) but what about the male audience? They talk about modelling Today on it’s US namesake but they have recently added Craig Melvin to add balance to the panel. Today is risking its long term audience (like me) with all this change. Next they will be changing the name of the show!

  7. Well this is very disappointing news. This can go one of two ways. Either their ratings will drop even more or it will be a re-vamp & be very successful. I hope 9 don’t live to regret this. They’re letting a lot of very good people go.

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