Don’t Stop the Music raises 4000 instruments for kids

ABC music series sees viewers respond with the gift of music.

ABC music series Don’t Stop the Music has raised more than 4200 instruments to benefit school children.

Instruments have been donated to local Salvation Army stores around Australia. A further $67,000 has been donated across both Musica Viva Australia and the Salvos’ Just Brass programs.

The series screened in November as part of AusMusic month.

The donation campaign has seen some generous contributions from businesses who heard the call out and wanted to support the campaign.

Fender Music Australia were so inspired by the series that they donated 300 brand new classical guitars to Musica Viva, a huge donation that will directly benefit students.

Brisbane Music store Simply for Strings donated 40 high-quality European violins and violas to the campaign.

The 3-part documentary series Don’t Stop The Music, follows the journey of primary school students in an underprivileged area of Perth as they embarked on a music program. The students had no prior music knowledge, and many had never touched a musical instrument, but nearly 9 months later they performed on stage at the Perth Concert Hall.

During the series, the benefits of learning an instrument became clear; higher attendance rates, improved concentration and a sense of happiness and confidence amongst the students.

There is still time to donate unused instruments to your local Salvation Army Store or donate online abc.net.au/dontstopthemusic

Volunteers familiar with basic instrument repair and assessment are needed to help us sort through donations. Register through the Salvos’ volunteer portal

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  1. Wow..this is awesome…both my children learnt music and different instruments at school…and were loaned instruments in high school….This has followed through to their adult life….both purchased their own instruments…for nothing more than their own enjoyment….Kudos ABC…Good one, Aunty!
    I purchased recorders for them in primary…but other instruments was way beyond my budget…

  2. When I was at school, they forced me to learn French. I wish they had forced me to learn a musical instrument instead. This program is something that should be promoted widely. In the end no one would regret it. A useful enjoyable talent for life. ( it is hard to hold an iPhone and an instrument at the same time). Congrats to all.

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