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US actress best-known for 1960s sitcom The Mothers-In-Law, has died.

US actress Kaye Ballard, best-known for 1960s sitcom The Mothers-In-Law, has died, aged 93.

She died on Monday, after a battle with kidney cancer.

Ballard (pictured, left) starred as Kaye Buell on The Mothers-In-Law opposite Eve Arden (right) from 1967-69. She went on to appear in numerous TV series throughout the decades following, including The Doris Day Show, Love, American Style, Fantasy Island, The Love Boat and What a Dummy.

Last week, a documentary about her life, Kaye Ballard: The Show Goes On, premiered at the Palm Springs International Film Festival .

“She was so excited to be able to tell her story,” said the film’s director, Dan Wingate said. “She was really anxious for young people, especially, who are going into the arts to understand the full breadth of a life in the arts, the ups and downs.”

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